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Tori Amos—Gold Dust

Release info:

2012—Deutsch Grammophon/Mercury Classics—B0017453-02



Ecto priority:

Recommended for Tori Amos fans

Group members:

Tori Amos—Bösendorfer, vocals

Guest artists:

Jules Buckley—conductor
John Philip Shenale—orchestra arrangements
The Metropole Orkest:
  • Arlia de Ruiter, Vera Laporeva, Sarah Koch, Denis Koenders, Casper Donker, Feyona van Iersel, Pauline Marieke Koning, Seija Teeuwen, Polina Cekov, Pauline Terlouw, Ruben Margarita—first violin
  • Herman van Haaren, Lucja Domski, Wim Kok, Elizabeth Liefkes-Cats, Marianne van den Heuvel, Vera van der Bie, Merijn Rombout—second violin
  • Mieke Honingh, Norman Jansen, Julia Jowett, Iris Schutt, Isabella Petersen—viola
  • Maarten Jansen, Wim Grin, Annie Tangberg, Jascha Albracht, Jos Teeken, Emile Visser—cello
  • Erik Winkelmann, Arend Liefkes, Tjerk de Vos—contrabass
  • Janine Abbas, Mariël van den Bos, Marie-Cécile de Wit—flute
  • Martin de Ruiter, Willem Luijt—oboe
  • Pieter Hunfeld, Roel Koster—French horn
  • Marc Scholten, Paul van der Feen, Leo Janssen, Jos Beeren, Max Boeree—saxophone/clarinet
  • Ruud Breuls, Ray Bruinsma, Martijn de Laat—trumpet
  • Jan Oosting, Bert Pfeiffer, Bart van Lier—trombone
  • Juliane Gralle, Martin van den Berg—bass trombone
  • Eddy Koopman, Murk Jiskoot, Frank Wardenier—percussion
  • Joke Schonewille—harp
  • Jasper Soffers, Hans Vroomans—keyboard

Produced by:

Tori Amos


Gold Dust is similar to Tales of a Librarian in that it finds Tori re-recording songs from her back catalogue, though this time it's with the Dutch Metropole Orkest. So your reaction to that album might be a good way to gauge your likely interest in and enjoyment of this one. I personally prefer Gold Dust. The new track, "Flavor" is excellent and it's great to have a good recording of "Flying Dutchman." "Precious Things" is too polished smooth, and I don't really like this version of "Silent All These Years," but those are as close as the album gets to anything bad. Still, it just feels unnecessary. The arrangements, although all new, don't sound remarkably different from the originals, although the brass is more prominent. (JoAnn Whetsell)

"Flavor" deserves some attention as it was a great song all along. But none of these versions sound really better than the originals or even at all different. (

Tori Amos' other recordings:

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Thanks to JoAnn Whetsell for work on this entry.

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