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Kerri Anderson

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Pop rock


Most recent album, Vegas Heart (2000)

See also:

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Alanis Morissette?? (

Her voice strongly reminds me of Patti Smith but her material is more mainstream pop. (

Covers/own material:

Writes mainly her own material, some songs are co-written.

Recommended first album:

Labyrinth is the only one ectophiles have heard


  • Take This Life (date unknown)
  • Live at the Sidetrack (date unknown)
  • Labyrinth (1991)
  • Vegas Heart (2000)


Release info:

1991—Impact records, licensed to EMI Records—Europe: CDP 745015-2; UK: CDEMC 3614


Out of print

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Kerri Anderson—vocals, guitars
Spencer Sercombe—guitars, backing vocals
Gregg Ellis—drums
Jeff Morrow—piano and keyboards
Don Schiff—bass, Chapman stick

Guest artists:

Lenny Castro—percussion
Mark Levang—drum, keyboard programming
Jim Lang—arrangements and programming

Produced by:

Randy Nicklaus


Labyrinth is, at first sight, a fairly dull and ordinary mainstream rock album. The only tracks that really stand out are "I will disappear" and "Labyrinth"—I haven't yet heard anyone say they didn't like these songs. Their lyrics are moody and descriptive and the melodies almost haunting. Upon further listens, more tracks begin to make sense. The opening track, "Ghosts", tells the all too familiar lover leaves lover story in calm verses and a fiery chorus. "One day" is an idealistically coloured text in a graceful attempt at world music incorporated in a rock environment.
     "Labyrinth" could be the best Kerri Anderson equivalent of Happy Rhodes' "new-agey" songs. "Where David sleeps" is probably the most beautiful vocal performance on this album, especially in the fade-out. Obviously, there are also a few unremarkable tracks. "Corner of life" and "Day by day" are straight-up rock songs that don't excite me, and most probably no other ectophiles. Although I can't decide for others...!
     All in all, this is a nice album, not worth the average price of a new CD, but if you can get it for less you should buy it for "I will disappear" and the title track alone! Satisfaction is not guaranteed, but not ruled out either! (

I agree with Marcel that this album has several lovely moments, but mostly is forgettable and fairly clichéd. The title track is one of those magical songs that hooks me inside the emotion it's portraying. I would say that the album is worth getting for that track alone. (

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