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Sara Ayers

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

An interesting blend of ethereal alternative pop with evocative/eclectic influences, ambient soundscapes, and experimental performance art. (Neile)


Most recent release, Leaving The Land of Before (2018)

See also:

Sara Ayers' site

Sara Ayers' bandcamp site

Sara Ayers' Internet Archives site, which includes some free downloads

Sara Ayers is also in the band, Axe Iron Suns, and in the 80s was in The New Shiny Things


A mix of Jane Siberry, Meryn Cadell, and Virginia Astley. (Neile)

Covers/own material:

Own, occasional trad and co-writing

General comments:

Mellow vocals with intriguing lyrics, interesting, creative sonic backgrounds.... Sara Ayers has some Jane Siberry-esque moments, but more like a not-comedic-minded Meryn Cadell in sound and play between spoken word and songs. Some of the soundscapes are rather like Virginia Astley's and the pop sound is not unlike hers sometimes. (Neile)

Recommended first album:



  • Flourochrome (cassette only, 1985)
  • Voices (1997)
  • Sylvatica (2000)
  • Figura: The Sara Ayers Remixes (remixes, 2001)
  • Drowning in Light (2001)
  • Interiors (2001)
  • A Million Stories (2005)
  • Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be (with Jeff Sampson, 2006)
  • Organica (digital compilation, 2006)
  • Kyzyl to Samarkand (with Ryuta.K, 2008)
  • Star Crossed Others (with Oleg Gaponov and Oleg Tolstolutsky, 2009)
  • Sara Ayers: Ambient Collaborations (compilation, 2009)
  • Leaving The Land of Before (2018)


Release info:

1997—Dark Wood Recordings, PO Box 1876, Albany, NY 12201, U.S.A.—CD010


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Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Sara Ayers—vocals

Guest artists:

Amy Abdou—backing vocals
The Reno Brothers:
   Dennis Herbert—guitar
   Michael Eck—mandolin
   G.C. Haymes—harmonica


This is more than just voices, but voices (even instruments' voices) are the focus. You'd be forgiven for thinking of Jane Siberry when this album begins—it sounds a little like Bound By the Beauty, but soon becomes more electronic. The following track begins with a spoken word section that is a little Jane Siberry-esque at first, but it to quickly takes a different turn as Sara Ayers starts singing and the song changes feel a bit. From there on the album has few echoes—except of itself. There is one track, "The Waiting Room" that reminded me of Meryn Cadell—but the album isn't like one of hers either, and not just because it isn't humorous. Sonically, lyrically, and vocally intriguing—what more could you ask? Lovers of the female voice will love this mixture of music and vocals and some spoken word. (Neile)


Release info:

2000—Dark Wood Recordings—011


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Produced by:

Sara Ayers

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