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Bevel Jenny

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Funky Celtic-pop


Most recent release, Above the Clouds (2000)

See also:

Not much out there: a review of Above The Clouds


Bevel Jenny has a unique sound. Their mix of Celtic, pop, rock, folk, blues and jazz sounds make comparisons difficult. Think Clannad meets Manhattan Transfer. (

Covers/own material:

Some of Bevel Jenny's songs are traditional Celtic tunes (in English and Gaelic). Of the twelve songs on their first CD, six are original (and how!); six are traditional with new arrangements and considerable flair. (

General comments:

Bevel Jenny is one of the growing breed of Celtic fusion bands that explore innovative mixes of Celtic music with rock, pop, jazz and blues. Some bands pull off this combination well enough, but Bevel Jenny is just incredible. Regardless of their innovative style, all their songs retain a vibrant Celtic underpinning. Their songs are sophisticated, melodic and give the impression of a band that's been performing together for a long time.
     There's one song on their first CD, Above the Clouds, which is to die for—Aurora. The words to Aurora, one of their contemporary numbers, starts like this:
In my dreams I can do the impossible
There's nothing real in my way
And in this state there are no rules, fools
Lord, of all that I survey...
In the nighttime I can turn my world around.
Mix that kind of lyrics with the smooth, lush voice that belongs to Aisling N' Fharachtáin, and you've got a song that resonates more each time you play it.
     The CD is simply astonishing. The songs on Above the Clouds are the kind of tunes that stay stuck in your head throughout the day—and that's a good thing. The songs are lively and spirited.
     Both vocalists, Aisling Ní Fharachtáin and Mairéad O' Donnell have extraordinary rich, melodic voices. (

Recommended first album:

Above the Clouds is their sole known recording


Above the Clouds (2000)

Above the Clouds

Release info:

2000—Bevel Jenny Music


Available in Europe or by mail order from or

Ecto priority:

Recommended for Ectophiles who like something a little different from the standard fare, especially those Ectophiles with a love for Celtic music. Oh, what the heck, if you're the kind of person who likes Ecto music, you're going to love Bevel Jenny. (

Group members:

Aisling Ní Fharachtáin—vocals, backing vocals
Mairéad O' Donnell—vocals, backing vocals, fiddle
Padraic Ó Farachtáin—keyboards
Jim Magill—drums, percussion
Brian Ó hUiginn Uilleann—pipes, low d whistle
Simon McVeigh—bass and double bass
Mark Sisk—electric and acoustic guitar
Éamonn de Barra—flute
Michelle O'Brien—fiddle

Produced by:

Bevel Jenny


Every now and then you come across a CD that's so good you not only play their songs over and over again, but you have to tell everyone you know about them. Above the Clouds is one of those CDs. (

Thanks to Bill Adler for work on this entry.

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