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Alice Bierhorst

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Contemporary folk, alternative indierock


Most recent release, The Beacon (2017)

See also:

Alice Bierhorst's site

CD Baby's Alice Bierhorst page


A less intense Cat Power, a gentler Mary Timony. Sometimes with Aiko Shimada's dreaminess.

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Alice Bierhorst makes quietly compelling folk music. (

"Quietly compelling" beautifully describes what Alice Bierhorst does—it's an individual kind of alternative folky-pop. The tunes can be driving but her vocals are always low-key, which makes for a fascinating kind of tension. I find her music really intriguing and she seems to get better with each album. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

Earthbound is a little more powerful than Oxygen, but I have the feeling that anything she does is worth a listen.


  • Heaven (1996)
  • Safe Places to Dream (1997)
  • Maker's Mark (1998)
  • Now Entering Liberty Heights (2000)
  • Oxygen (2001)
  • Earthbound (2003)
  • Here Today (2004)
  • Jubilee (2005)
  • I Think It's Finally Morning (2006)
  • The Vigil (2007)
  • The Magic Lantern (compilation, 2010)
  • Dexter Price (2010)
  • All Shall Be Revealed (2012)
  • The Beacon (2017)


Release info:

2001—Shur Records—Shur 006/2001


Ecto priority:


Group members:

Alice Bierhorst

Guest artists:

John Mettam on 1 track


Alice Bierhorst's hushed folk sound is intriguing. Her songs have exquisite lyrics and compelling melodies. "Oxygen" has a quasi-medieval arrangement that is lovely. Bierhorst sings sweetly over it. "On a Clear Day" is a dreamy song that highlights the gentle vocal. "Nobody's Sun" plays with thunder noises and a dirge-like melody. It's a very nice record. (


Release info:

2003—Shur Records, 137 Ave. A, Apt. 3B, New York, NY 10009—Shur 007/2003


Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

"Made by AB"


"At Sunset" is one of those songs that makes me hit the repeat button. Amazing the effect she has in a song like this—it's utterly haunting. She follows it with a song that reminds me of Aiko Shimada's lovely mellow understated tuneful dreaminess. A lovely album, and highly recommended. (Neile)

Further info:


Thanks to Anna Maria Stjärnell for work on this entry.

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