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Rachel Taylor Brown

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Alternative, somewhat experimental evocative/eclectic alternative pop


Most recent release, Run Tiny Human (2018)

See also:

Rachel Taylor Brown's site

Rachel Taylor Brown's bandcamp page

Rachel Taylor Brown's MySpace page


CD Baby says "recommended if you like" Laura Nyro, Lisa Germano, and P.J. Harvey, and I can see some mix of them as a starting place to get where she's coming from. Also, Robin Holcomb and Veda Hille

Covers/own material:


General comments:

I'd add Lisa Germano to the list of "sounds-like." A much more aggressive Lisa Germano, though. (lotterose @ gmail . com)

definitely liked what i heard. (

Rachel Taylor Brown is fantastic. (

Noise is what matters here: some of it's soft, ethereal, glorious, some is rough and cacophonous, some is pop-melodic, and Rachel Taylor Brown's vocals have a matching range. She's one of those artists who is totally individual. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

Half Hours With The Lower Creatures


  • Do Not Stare (2001)
  • Jonah Days (2005)
  • Ormolu (2006)
  • Seven Small Winter Songs (seasonal, 2007)
  • Half Hours With The Lower Creatures (2008)
  • Sister Storm's Ugly Sister and Other Saints and Superheroes (2009)
  • songs without a home (compilation, 2011)
  • World So Sweet (2011)
  • Falimy (2014)
  • Run Tiny Human (2018)

Half Hours With The Lower Creatures

Release info:

2008—cutthroat pop records


See Rachel Taylor Brown's site

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for fans of the unusual

Group members:

Rachel Taylor Brown—vocals, piano, jaymar, maxophone, vss-30, celesta, harpsichord, glockenspiel, fake clarinet and strings, etc., synths, guitar, ukelele, tambourine, omnichord

Guest artists:

Jeff Stuart Saltzman—guitar (5, 6, 8); mandolin, vss-30 oratory, cymbals, bulbul, bass (2); saucepan, shaker, synth, tambourine, femora, space age sounds
John Steweart—drums (2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10); can (5)
Arthur Parket—bass (3, 5, 6, 9); bass synth (10)
Chris Robley—guitar (3, 5, 8, 9, 10)
Jay Brown—wood flute (2)
Benny Morrison—saxes (3)
Leigh Marble—garbage can (3)
Elizabeth Ann Gross—Abe's whisper (5)


One of my favorite CD Baby finds. (

A far-ranging collection of songs, from soft to rough, experimental to pop. All over, all intriguing. There's one track that sounds very Robin Holcomb-esque to me. It's all over the place, but really all wonderful. (Neile)

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