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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Alternative rock


Most recent release, Unable (1997)

See also:

There doesn't seem to be anything about them online any more


They've been compared to so many different artists though I would say that they are sort of a rougher version of Velvet Belly mixed with tads of Garbage and that kinda bands with vocals compared to Kate Bush, Lene Lovich, Björk and maybe Siouxie and the Banshees (I haven't heard much by them, but I would say it could fit somewhat). (

Covers/own material:

Own (though they do covers live — like the Swans song last time I heard them)

General comments:

Ack, another great band gone. I would say that this is the best band to come out of Norway since Velvet Belly. Their album is a musical explosion of sounds, and Lindy-Fay's voice is just excellent. I mostly say that it is like Björk with singing lessons. She really knows how to use it. Live they really blow you away. (

Comments about live performance:

I went to this amazing concert yesterday by the norwegian band Cane. Cane has been compared to many very different artists/bands like Lene Lovich, Kate Bush, Björk, and Siouxie and the Banshees. Lindy-Fay has this amazing voice, and she uses it at times as a addition to the other instruments in the band like the one time she made that high-pitched tone in total dissonance to the rest of the music blowing our heads off (close to at least). I had expected her a lot taller after listening to the album, though she turned out to be this thin little girl in a white dress :) They delivered a really wonderful show though you could see that they were not used to playing live yet and the music drowned the vocals at times. The singer compensated on that by singing in a way that we had to take hold not to be blown backwards :) (10/97,

Recommended first album:

Unable is their only known release to date


Unable (1997)


Release info:

1997—WEA (Norway)—0630-37852-2



Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Lindy-Fay—vocals, additional vocals
Kjartan "Belk"—guitars and additional vocals on "Strangehold"
SEAK—drums, keyboard, programming, additional vocals on "Strangehold" and "Private Scene"
Arne "Fumble"—Rhodes ("Rain Cloud Up My Eye" and "Lighthouse"), MS20 ("Lighthouse" and "Gossip"), SH5 ("Lighthouse")

Guest artists:

Kiersti Bergesen—additional vocals on "Unbearable Spring" and "Rain Cloud My Eyes"
Nils Olav Solberg—viola on "Hide In Laughter" and "Gossip"
Erlend Fauske—acoustic guitar on "Anyone To Blame"

Produced by:



This is one of the most amazing debuts I've heard by any European band. They've put so much energy into their songs that you really get drawn into the music. They have said themself that Cane is a band of today, and that next time they most probably will do something else. But they are so good a band that they'll make whatever they do sound wonderful. If their next effort is just half as good as this one then it will be more than good enough. Wonderful arrangements and the vocals are just beyond words. Their album is very powerful—both rough and beautiful. As a debut this album really stands out, and they have this very unique sound. The vocals are a story of their own—what a voice that woman has!! Highly recommended album!! (

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