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Lynn Canfield

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal blues pop rock, sometimes with a folky flavour


Most recent release, Shotgun Wedding's Big World of Fun

See also:

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Lynn Canfield's work with her bands

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Comments about live performance:

Lynn Canfield did great music last night. Her songs took on a great variety of topics, from pets to love and loss, parody of Madonna's "Material Girl," called "Ethereal Girl," which anybody who likes listening to female singers with lush voices and, well, ethereal lyrics, will appreciate. The songs are complex, often multi-layered. I picked up her entire set of CDs and an looking forward to listening to them all.
     I liked the intimate venue at Borders, but I felt that the one downside of the performance was the way the music sometimes overpowered Canfield's vocals. A voice like that is meant to be the focus of a performance, with the music as backup. Chalk that up to the acoustics at Borders, I guess. (6/99,

What a great way to describe it. Lynn often seemed to be in a world all her own, a world where her pet birds occasionally took on more importance to the audience -- something which seemed to be even more endearing than if she'd been sucking up to us. Oooh, what a _great_ show. I'd have to express just a hint of disappointment that there wasn't more material from _Sunburnt_, which is my favorite of the discs Lynn has been involved with. She played "Further" and also "Fat Dog" from that release, during a long subset of songs about animals (also including "Straw Donkey" from M7x, "Firefly," "Inside Only Cat," and "A Big World of Fun" from the Shotgun Wedding release). In fact, the most-visited album was _A Big World of Fun_, not surprisng as Lynn claims it as her favorite. Still, she managed to also get to "Radio Caroline," "The Perfect Dream" (with the sublime "With Louise"), "M7x," and "7=49" in addition to the other couple... It's decidedly odd to see Lynn, who has pretty much always been in these lush guitar-heavy bands, touring with just keys and horns (and occasional percussive bits 'n pieces). Bill played alto other range sax, clarinet, flute, and accordion, while Jesse played lots of keys. Lynn mostly just sang, but also did a few hooter solos (with a horner melodica that looked just like one we had kickin' around the house when I was a kid!) and played a few of the percussive bits. The arrangements of the songs, not surprisingly, were often drastically different from their original incarnations, but I don't think any of them suffered for being turned inside out. The musicians were all first-rate, clearly enjoying themselves and the show they were putting on for us. See this tour. Buy lots of albums from her. They're _all_ good. ;-) (

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Lynn Canfield

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