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Sara Craig

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Strong beautiful & fierce evocative/eclectic, alternative pop/rock


Most recent album, Miss Rocket (1997)

See also:

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Gutsy rock singers like PJ Harvey, early Sinéad O'Connor, Liz Phair, Dalbello, Kerri Simpson, Margot Smith. (Neile)

Covers/own material:

Own, occasional covers

General comments:

Her music company is called "Crystal Growl," which to me describes her music and voice very well. Powerful stuff and highly recommended. If you like Sinéad O'Connor's early tougher The Lion and The Cobra-era stuff—meaning, if you like really strong, emotional powerhouse singing—you will like Sara Craig. She is very dramatic, which might put someone off. She does really interesting things with her voice and with her music, so I love her. Miss Rocket is poppier and smoother than the first two. From Toronto. (Neile)

She is a riveting live performer. She's kind of a melodic PJ Harvey. (

I'd heard her name bantered around a bit and thought I'd take a chance. She's wonderful!!! I went back and ordered three more of her albums! (

Comments about live performance:

When I first saw Sara live she was absolutely stunning. What an incredible voice, what an incredible performer. She displayed a lot of ease on stage, her gestures were sweeping and hypnotic but natural; they did not at all seem contrived. I was also impressed by her band. The bassist played a 6-string bass for many numbers which I don't recall ever seeing before. And the guitarist...the dexterity of his fingers, the power, the confidence...fantastic! A big *thanks* to all those who recommended her, and having seen her, I can heartily pass the recommendation on. Each time I've seen her she was a mesmerizing (and strange) performer. The last time I saw her I was a bit disappointed as she seems to have toned down her live act somewhat and she's not nearly as wonderfully bizarre onstage as she was a few years ago! Her voice is as good as ever though. (

Recommended first album:

Sweet Exhaust is my favourite, though if your tastes lean more toward pop I'd recommend Miss Rocket first. (Neile)


sara craig e.p.

Release info:

1991—Sara Craig, P.O. Box 722 Station Q, Toronto, ON, CANADA M4T 2N5—MMSEP 241


Can be located in Canada

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for lovers of strong songwriting and vocals. (Neile)

Group members:

Sara Craig—vocals, kazoo

Guest artists:

Gary Orme—drums, percussion, keyboards
Timothy White—bass guitar

Produced by:

Andrew St. George


A wonderful intro to her work. Five powerful songs, dynamically performed. She has a strong voice, and reminds me most of PJ Harvey but her music isn't as rough. She's as gutsy, though. (Neile)

seconded. heartily. for the life of me, i can not remember where i got this release now but i'm really glad i did. it's really good and worth it. sometimes, sara reminds me of some of the rockier songs on laurie freelove's smells like truth but sara does not share the more eclectic side of laurie. (

Sweet Exhaust

Release info:

1994—Attic Records, 102 Atlantic Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M6K 1X8—ACD 1410


Wide in Canada, can occasionally be found in the U.S.

Ecto priority:

Highly, highly recommended for those who love powerful, dynamic, gutsy songs and performances. (Neile)

Group members:

Sara Craig—vocals, whirly, Ken's herb loop, talk box cavity

Guest artists:

Gary Orme—piano, drums, tongue drum, keyboard, percussion, organ, loops
Tim Welch—guitars, golden throat
Tim White—bass, acoustic guitar
Doug Barron—keyboard, samples
Stephen Outhit—bass
Reiner Schwarz—guitar
Saulius Fidleris—bass, tuba, stick, bowing
Dave Allen—violin
Roger Psutka—furnace room door
Kevin Bell—guitar
John Punter—damper
Andrew St. George—voices

Produced by:

John Punter


This is one kicker of an album. It's in your face, alive and yowling. Sara Craig's voice and gut-level songwriting are really strong and her persona here reminds me of PJ Harvey and Liz Phair, though she's much more melodic than either of these. She takes risks, has musical influences from all over, and is herself in a major way. (Neile)

Pretty intense and worth a listen. (

Miss Rocket

Release info:

1997—Attic Records, 102 Atlantic Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M6K 1X8—ACD 1467; TWA Records, Australia, TWAD 430


Canada and Australia

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Sara Craig—vocals

Guest artists:

Chris Tsangarides—guitars, bass
Phil Nicholas—keyboards, programming
Gary Orme—keyboards, percussion, drums
Pandit Dinesh—tablas, percussion
Anne Bourne—cello
Brad Lang—bass,br. Wally Jericho—trumpet, alto sax
Theo Tsangarides—background vocals

Produced by:

Chris Tsangarides


I wasn't expecting this album to be as, well, normal as it is. I like it quite a bit, but it doesn't sound distinctively like a Sara Craig album. Oh well. (

After the astounding Sweet Exhaust and the previous, wonderful, sara craig e.p. this was a bit of a disappointment to me. Quite pop. A lot of fun, but the songs haven't worn as well on me as those on the other two albums. There are wonderful moments and Sara's voice never disappoints. I just don't find it as compelling as her earlier work. (Neile)

Very sensual and hypnotic. I've always had a fondness for this Canadian artist ever since I caught her first CD release show in Toronto almost 10 years ago. We didn't know who she was, or what she sounded like, but we decided to check her out. Craig really hits her stride with this, her third album. Miss Rocket is not as fierce, or edgy as her previous releases, but much more languid and sensual. Tracks like "You Make Me Happy," are hypnotic. (

Further info:

Her version of "This Flight Tonight" appears on Back to the Garden: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. A different version of the song "Sparks Fly" from Sweet Exhaust appears on the 1993 CFNY radio sampler.

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