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Eva Dahlgren

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Rock, ballads. (


Most recent release, Dag sjunger ljuset (2016)

See also:

Eva Dahlgren's site (in Swedish)

An Eva Dahlgren site (in English)


Patti Smith, Marie Bergman, Marianne Faithfull (

Covers/own material:


General comments:

A superstar in Sweden. Instruments translated from Swedish, so some of them may be somewhat off... ;-) (

Recommended first album:

Känn Mej

Recordings include:

  • Finns det nån som bryr sig om (1978)
  • Eva Dahlgren (1980)
  • För vöntan (1981)
  • Tvillingskäl (1982)
  • Känn mej (1984)
  • Ett fönster mot gatan (1984)
  • Ung och stolt (1987)
  • Collection (compilation, 1987)
  • Fria världen (1989)
  • Fotspår (1989)
  • En blekt blondins hjärta (1991)
  • Vem tänder stjärnorna
  • Eva Dahlgren (1992)
  • För minnenas skull (1992)
  • Jag vill se min älskade komma från det vilda (1995)
  • Lailai (1999)
  • Lalalive (1999)
  • Lost Peoples Area (Buddaboys) (2003)
  • Ängeln I Rummet—Kauneimmat Laulut (2004)
  • Snö (2005)
  • En Blekt Blondins Ballader (2007)
  • Petroleum Och Tång (2007)
  • Så Mycket Bättre (EP, 2011)
  • 10 Demo (2012)
  • Tid—Et Urbal Av Sånger 1980 Till Nu (2012)
  • Dag sjunger ljuset (2016)

Ung och stolt

Release info:

1987—Station (Sweden)—STATCD 1


Found this in a tiny store in Stockholm, Sweden. (

Ecto priority:

High. (

Group members:

Eva Dahlgren—vocals, electric guitar, sax, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, handclaps

Guest artists:

Urban Agnas—trumpet, cornet
Britt Ahlstrommer—backing vocals
Vivika Alm—horn
Pelle Alsing—drums
Anna Axelsson—horn
Mats Englunbass, fuzz bass
Anders Glenmark—percussion, keyboards, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, clarinet, backing vocals
Jonas Isacsson—acoustic, electric, fuzz and wah-wah guitar, 6-string bass
Nils Landgren—trombone
Esten Leckh—backing vocals
Keif Leckh—backing vocals
Leif Lindvall—trumpet, cornet
Peter Melin—backing vocals
Stefan Nilsson—grand piano
Lennart Nord—tuba
Svante Persson—keyboards
Pontus—backing vocals
Sanne Salomonsen—backing vocals
Uno Svenningsson—vocals
Bo Sydow—backing vocals


Very good album, though I like Känn Mej a bit better. All lyrics in Swedish. (

Känn Mej

Release info:

1989—Glen (Sweden)—GLENCD 4


Found this in a store in Copenhagen, Denmark. (

Ecto priority:

Very high. (

Group members:

Eva Dahlgren—vocals, electric guitar

Guest artists:

Rolf Alex—drums
Kerstin Andersson—backing vocals
Helena Bergman—backing vocals
Marie Bergman—backing vocals
Clay S. Claire—drums
Jon Henry Dill—congas
Elliot Dolin—bass
Anders Eljas—piano
Lasse Englund—electric guitar
Lena Ericsson—backing vocals
Anders Glenmark—electric and acoustic guitar, minimoog, polymoog, ARP Omni, backing vocals
Bruno Glenmark—synthesizers, organ, valve trombone, valve bassoon, trumpet, backing vocals
Rutger Gunnarson—bass
Ann-Louise Hanson—backing vocals
Jonas Isacsson—electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Roger Palm—drums
Halldor Pålsson—sax
Mikael Rickfors—backing vocals
Mats Ronander—harmonica
Peter Sahlin—bass
Dan Schmidt—electric piano
Lasse Wellander—electric guitar
Lasse Westman—electric guitar
Kjell Ahman—Fender Rhodes
Liza Ahman—backing vocals


Lots of great songs! The songs are from two earlier albums, HGP-3013 (1979) and HGP-3015 (1980). Some lyrics are in English, most are in Swedish. (

Thanks to Neal Copperman for work on this entry.

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