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The Galerkin Method

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Quirky, experimental eclectic world rock


Only release, The Galerkin Method (2000)

See also:

Wikipedia's page on Myla Goldberg

The Ectophiles' Guide entries for Stefany Anne Golberg's solo work and Myla Goldberg's current band, The Walking Hellos.


Land of the Blind, Shai nO Shai, early Danielle Dax

Covers/own material:


General comments:

The group's name refers to a mathematical term named for its inventor, Boris Galerkin. "Boris Galerkin is one of the greatest mathematicians in world history. He developed [a] method of approximate integration of differential equations currently known as the Galerkin Method. Galerkin Method is the base of the Method of Finite Elements which is currently the most famous numerical method of solving problems of modern physics, namely hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, heat transfer, space technologies, construction, etc." All that from a page on famous Belarusians. I have no idea what that means, but the obscurity of the reference might give you some idea of the obscurity and eclecticism of the group's musical references and influences. The singer, Stefany Anne, is trained in visual arts and writing as well, and flutist/ accordionist Myla Goldberg is also a writer. Like Emily Bezar, Liz Phair (and yours truly) Myla is also an Oberlin graduate—reason enough to check out the group. (JoAnn Whetsell)

Recommended first album:

The Galerkin Method is their debut


The Galerkin Method

The Galerkin Method

Release info:

2000—self released



Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for fans of the strange and eclectic

Group members:

Stefany Anne—voice, hammered dulcimer, guitar, samples
Myla Goldberg—flute, accordion
Bill Gerstel-drums, drill, percussion, singing bowl, ceramic toys
Jason Braun—guitar
Greg Travis—bass
Meredith Yayanos—violin

Guest artists:

Andrew Innes—musical saw


A really wonderful, strange, eclectic mix of worldish/rock/experimental sounds that comes out feeling whole and delightful. This is a shortish ep CDR that came in for review for The Ectophiles' Guide and once I heard it I knew I needed to get a copy for myself. Hard to describe what it sounds like—Land of the Blind with dulcimer? Shai nO Shai with more of an early Danielle Dax sensibility? I've been playing this to death. Highly recommended! (Neile)

I love this album. It's one of those things that is so hard to describe because of its complexity and you can listen to it over and over again and always find something new in it. Yet you can also just listen to it and enjoy it just as music and sound. A lot of Eastern European influence, which makes sense since Stefany Anne and Myla Goldberg have spent time in Eastern Europe. Stefany Anne sings in official language and vocalizations. (JoAnn Whetsell)

Further info:

Myla Goldberg is the author of three novels: Bee Season (2000), WickettÕs Remedy (2005), and The False Friend (2010) and one non-fiction book, Time's Magpie: A Walk in Prague (2004). Stefany Anne Golberg is also a writer, and a visual and video artist.

Thanks to JoAnn Whetsell for work on this entry.

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