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Rachel Gaudry

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Folk with hints of pop


Most recent release, Bright Window, 2003

See also:

Rachel Gaudry's site

Rachel Gaudry's Facebook page

The Virt Records Site


Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, Beth Orton

Covers/own material:

Own; occasional cowriting

General comments:

Rachel Gaudry has a lovely voice and makes good contemporary folk. (

Recommended first album:



leaving traces

Release info:

2001—Teacup Music—2002; The Virt Records—VRT1001


Australia and U.S.; see the Virt Records site for further information

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Rachel Gaudry—vocals, piano, Rhodes, keyboards

Guest artists:

Naomi Star—backing vocals on 4 tracks
Mark Punch—acoustic guitar
James Muler—electric guitar, acoustic guitar on 1 track, acoustic solo on 1 track
Leon Gaer—bass
Chad Wackerman—drums, percussion, keyboards

Produced by:

Chad Wackerman


This is a very nice album. Rachel Gaudry reminds me of other singers, but she has her own style. The melancholy "When Fortune has Gone Dry" is a great song. "Sunshine in My Pocket" is delicate and emotional.
     "Loose Inside My head" is a little like Beth Orton and has a nice carefree feel.
     Not the most original music, but that hardly matters when it sounds this good. (

Bright Window

Release info:

2003—Tea Cup Music—TCM002


See website for availability

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Rachel Gaudry—vocals, backing vocals, Wurlitzer, piano, Rhodes, organ, keyboard

Guest artists:

Sam Hawksley—guitars, loops, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, lap steel, swell guitar, susings guitar, moog guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, cymbals, dobro, echoplex, shaker, slide guitar, tambourine
Matt Fell—mellotron, flute, strings, scrags banjo, clarinet, celeste, shaker, tambourine
Leon Gaer—bass, fretless bass
Chad Wackerman—drums, percussion
Louise Perryman—backing vocals
Ben Butler—electric guitar, wind guitar, rhythm guitar, echo guitar, e-bow guitar
Blaine Whitaker—clarinet
Bill Risby—accordion, piano, Hammond organ, keyboard, Wurlitzer, pipe organ, vibraphone, pump organ
Sarah McGregor—feature vocal
Matt Fellinksy—cello

Produced by:

Sam Hawksley


This album is so sweet and lovely. Gaudry picks up where the last album left off and that's a good thing. "Sunny Wings" opens the album with a nice laid-back vibe. The jazzy "Suppertime" hints at something darker. "Screaming Alone" is a standout. A bluesy, trip-hoppy gem that oozes melancholy. "Everywhere you go" is like early Paula Cole. Gaudry's vocal is joyous and sincere. "Brand New Day" is a hopeful and strong song. All in all she's made another fine album. (

Thanks to Anna Maria Stjärnell for her work on this entry

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