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Pamela Golden

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

ethereal alternative pop


Only known recording, Happens All The Time, 1991


The richness of her production and the importance of her voice to the overall sound is reminiscent of Happy Rhodes. (Neile)

Covers/own material:

Own, though several songs co-written

General comments:

Pamela Golden grows on you--at first I liked it but thought it wasn't essential, now I wouldn't want to be without it. Good music. This album should have a wider audience. (Neile)

She has a quirky pop sensibility. Well-crafted and a wide range of influences reminiscent of Peter Gabriel. (

Recommended first album:

Happens All The Time


Happens All The Time

Happens All The Time

Release info:

1991--Park Avenue Records, Seattle, WA (no longer in business)--PA 82807


If you look hard enough you can find it used in the Seattle area

Ecto priority:

High for lovers of well-crafted ethereal pop.

Group members:

Pamela Golden--vocals, guitars

Guest artists:

Tony Levin--bass, stick bass
Jerry Marotta--drums, percussion, programming, guitar
Larry Fast--keyboards, synthesizer
Norman Durkee--synthesizer, effects, programming
Steve Fisk--programming, effects, percussion
Doug Barnett--bass
Paula Stentz--drumming programming, keyboards
Harvey Jones--keyboards, sequencing, synthesizer
Andrew Essex--guitar
Stephen Johnson--guitar
Jeremy Alsop--bass
Sid McGuines--guitar

Produced by:

Various songs by Steve Fisk & Pamela Golden, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Peter Barnes, Norman Durkee


This only grows better over time. Songs have great hooks and are interestingly produced in the Happy Rhodes manner, though Pamela Golden's voice doesn't have the same range. The songs are also pretty, and the album is pleasant as background music while still rewarding careful attention. Highly recommended. (Neile)

The album is by turns dark, brooding pop, shimmering ethereal overdubs, and dancy fun. Golden is one of those people I really wish would release more music. (

It's one of the few CDs I paid full price for without ever hearing, not only a note from the record, but anything about her at all. I had never heard her name mentioned. The CD just looked cool, and I noticed while checking out the back of the CD that Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin both played on it. Also, it had wonderful titles such as "Eerie Song," "Ballet Dream," and "Lisa Of The Wind" so I took a chance and was glad I did. It's a wonderful album! (

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