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Lisa Hannigan

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Folky alternative pop


Most recent release, Live in Dublin (as Lisa Hannigan and Stargaze, 2019)

See also:

Lisa Hannigan's site

Lisa Hannigan's MySpace page

Lisa Hannigan's Facebook page

Wikipedia's entry on Lisa Hannigan


Vocally, similar to Imogen Heap; musically, a bit like Laura Marling and, sometimes, like a less introverted Stina Nordenstam

Covers/own material:

Own material

General comments:

Lisa Hannigan used to accompany Damien Rice, and has released a solo album which more than stands up on its own. (lotterose @
Recommended first album:
Sea Sew


  • Sea Sew (2008)
  • Passenger (2011)
  • At Swim (2016)
  • Live in Dublin (as Lisa Hannigan and Stargaze, 2019)

Sea Sew

Release info:



See Lisa Hannigan's site

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Lisa Hannigan—vocals, guitar, harmonium

Guest artists:

Tom Osander—drums, xylophone, shakeroo, guitar (9)
Shane Fitzsimons—upright bass
Donagh Molloy—trumpet, melodica, glockenspiel
Lucy Wilkins—violin
Vyvienne Long—cello
Gavin Glass—piano, squeaky harmonium
Justin Carroll—hammond organ
Cathy Davey—backing vocals
Rhob Cunningham—backing vocals


Apparently Lisa Hannigan's still pretty strongly tied to Damien Rice in some minds, but people (like me) who haven't heard a note of anything Rice has done will still enjoy this. The music ranges from tranquil folk tracks such as "Venn Diagram" and "Splishy Splashy" to more upbeat songs such as "Keep It All," with its prominent backbeat. And then there are songs that simply lodge themselves in your mind, like the lilting, sinuous "Pistachio." The numerous violin and cello parts keep this from becoming monotonous—check out the particularly gorgeous passage at the climax of "Teeth".
     At its best, this album reminds me of some of the more orchestral songs on Stina Nordenstam's The World Is Saved. Stina's cloistered where Lisa is elusive (a subtle distinction, I know) but the albums share the same chamber-y, dreamlike feel.
     Beautiful album art, too. (lotterose @ )

This album needs more shout outs. (


Release info:




Ecto priority:



I feel that this album should have grabbed me more than it actually has. It's very pleasant, her voice is distinctive, but I'm still not blown away. (

Thanks to Sarah Morayati and JoAnn Whetsell for work on this entry.

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