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Deborah Harry

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Mainstream and alternative pop/rock/dance


Most recent release, "Fit Right In" (single, 2008); most recent full-length release, Necessary Evil (2007)

See also:

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The Ectophiles' Guide entry for Blondie, her previous band


Chrissie Hynde

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Debbie Harry was the lead singer for punk rock/pop band Blondie, and at the height of their success she went solo. Her solo work has never quite matched that success, but Deborah Harry continues to be a dynamic, creative singer with a powerful voice and presence. Blondie has reunited to create new work and perform live again.

Recommended first album:

The compilation or best of is probably your best place to start


  • Kookoo (1981)
  • Rockbird (1986)
  • Once More into the Bleach (1988)
  • Def, Dumb & Blonde (1989)
  • Debravation (1993)
  • Most of All: The Best of Deborah Harry (compilation, 1999)
  • Collection (compilation, 2000)
  • Necessary Evil (2007)
  • Fit Right In (single, 2008)


Release info:




Ecto priority:

Recommended with some reservations (see comments below)

Group members:

Debbie Harry—vocals

Guest artists:

Chris Stein—guitar, programming
Guy Pratt—guitar, keyboards, drum programming
Pete Min, Tim Renwick, Stuart Kimball, Michael Hehir, J.J. Belle, Chester Kaymen—guitar
Danny Wilensky, Philip Todd—saxophone
Andy Paley—piano, drums, background vocals
Steve Piggot, Danny Schogger, Anne Dudley, Jon Astley—keyboards
Carrie Booth—keyboards, background vocals
Tony McIlwaine, Arthur Baker, Nikolai Vorkapich, Lenny Dee, Eric Kupper, Steve Rimland, Richard T. Norris, Toni C.—keyboards, programming
Leigh Foxx, Andy Pask, Steve Barnacle—bass
Geoff Dugmore—drums
CJ Vanston—synthesizer drums
Frank Ricotti—percussion
Ian Wilson, Tessa Niles, Linda Taylor, Katia Kisson, Andy Caine, John Williams, Jonathon Paley—background vocals

Produced by:

Arthur Baker, Chris Stein, Anne Dudley, Jon Astley, Guy Pratt, Toni C., John Williams, R.E.M., Andy Paley


Another personal favorite. This album has more variety than any album I know of. Ranging from rap, rock, 50s pop, to dance, and even some country twang, it has a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, it has a little too much. Sounds like she put everything she'd recorded on it rather than selecting the best. And at almost an hour, 3 or 4 of the worst could easily have been left off. (

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