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Nicola Hitchcock

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal alternative pop ectronica


Most recent release, Passive Aggressive II (2012)

See also:

Nicola Hitchcock's site

Wikipedia's entry on Nicola Hitchcock

The Ectophiles' Guide entry for her work with Mandalay


Like Mandalay, more ethereal and more trip hop than Dido, softer and more ethereal than lamb, dreamier than frou frou

Covers/own material:

Own and co-written

General comments:

Nicola Hitchcock has a fragile, quavery voice, which makes her sound vulnerable, but surrounded by energetic beats it becomes a magic all its own. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

Passive Aggressive is the only one we've fully heard, but not only is it easier to find, from what I've heard, it sounds the better album.


A Bowl of Chalk

Release info:



Hard to find

Ecto priority:

Recommended for pop fans


She had an album out in '93 called "A Bowl of Chalk" which got great reviews—I never got it, but I got a cd single of hers with some great backing b-sides stuff, including a cover of "Is That Love?" with Chris Difford on backing vocals. I'm always keeping my eye out for the album, 'cos the four songs I do have on the single are all winners, and have all, at one point or another, found their way onto mixes that I've made. There is no higher compliment! (

There are several songs from this album available on You Tube. They sound like quite lovely '90s pop. (Neile)

  • Passive Aggressive
  • Release info:




    Ecto priority:

    Recommendedfor fans of soft electronic pop

    Group members:

    Nicola Hitchcock—vocals

    Guest artists:

    Lenny Ibizarre—instrumentation, programming (1)
    Chris Brann—keyboards (2); programming (2, 4); piano, atmoospherics (4)
    Lloyd Bentley Scott—guitars (3)
    Fergus Gerrand—programming (7)
    Echo (Gill Morley, Ellen Blair, Vicky Matthews)—additioanl programming (7)
    Charlie Casey—guitar (7)
    Ollie Parfitt—aditional Mood
    Echo Strings—strings (7)
    Hector Zazou—instruments and electronics (9); sounds, etc. (11)
    Michael J. Ade—instrumentation, programming (10)
    Ryuichi Sakomoto—piano (11)
    Muaro Tabbrucci, Vieri Buli—violins (11)
    Marcell Puilti—viola (11)
    Damiano Puliti—cello (11)

    Produced by:

    Lenny Ibizarre (1, 6, 8), Chris Brann (2, 4), Hector Zazou (9, 11), Michael J. Ade (10)


    She's back with her second solo CD. Really different to the first one from 1993, this is more Mandalay style. She can do this awesome...hmm...miss a word in English....well yeah, how she uses her voice!! I love this cd!! ;-))) fish

    This album really reminds me of the much-beloved Mandalay album, Empathy. It's soft and very pop, but something in the arrangement of sounds and beats and the compelling nature of Nicola Hitchcock's soft crooning makes me really enjoy listening to this. After hearing the second Mandalay album I really didn't think I'd like this as much as I do. It's lovely, quietly urgent. (Neile)

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