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The Januaries

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal ectronica &electronica!


Most recent release, The Januaries (2000)

See also:

Foodchain Records' The Januaries site


The first image that came to mind was that I was witnessing a crossing of Stereolab doing the Bossa Nova. I kept getting the sense that I was in an airport, but in a nice way. (

Covers/own material:


General comments:

A good earthy vocal, but not overdoing it in that 'utter disdain' style of singing that is so popular these days. A voice with the cool darkness of Nico housed with the punk sassiness of Blondie (Ooops; did I just age myself?). Not a great voice, but it's well matched with the music.
      Great guitar work, and not burdened with too many gimmicks. The lyrics are good poetry. (

The Januaries drip with cool. The kind of cool associated with groovy, lounge acts, turtlenecks and James Bond-theme vocalists. This six-piece is led by the cool (there's that word again) vocals of Debbie Diamond. For some reason, the comparison that keeps springing to mind is the mid-eighties Brit-pop band, The Primitives, vocally, and to a lesser extent musically. Instrumentation is varied, using layered, electronic keyboards, heavy distorted guitar and soaring brass. The Cardigans-style lounge music mixed with middle-eastern riffs á la Supreme Beings of Leisure. (

Recommended first album:

The Januaries is their debut


The Januaries (2000)

The Januaries

Release info:

2000—Foodchain Records—54394-2



Ecto priority:


Group members:

Debbie Diamond—vocals, guitar
Rick Boston—guitar, bass, background vocals, programming
John Nau—keyboards, synthesizers, background vocals, programming, horn arrangement
Mitch Maker—trumpets, flugel horn
Petur Smith—drums, percussion, background vocals
Tobias Kroon—bass

Guest artists:

Richard Hardy—bass clarinet, flute, alto flute on 1 track
Andrew Scheps—loop programming on 1 track
Glen Holman—bass on 1 track
Peter Thomas—percussion on 1 track
Ken Chastian—additional percussion

Produced by:

John Fields and Rick Boston


I would buy this record in a minute! See general comments about for more specific comments about the album. (

Standout tracks include "Summer of Love," "Chocolate and Strawberries," "Love Met the Devil," and the ultra-fab "All Systems a go go." Lyrics are sexy and clever, and Diamond's laidback delivery is sublime. (

Further info:


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