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Shannon Karen

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Pop/female vocal


Marks on My Heart, Shannon's first CD, was released in 1999.

See also:

CD Baby's Shannon Karen page


Shannon is a little like a cross between Judy Collins and Sarah McLachlan

Covers/own material:

All Shannon's songs are original.

General comments:

Every now and then you come across a CD that's simply pleasurable to listen to. Not "fierce," not "intellectual and thought-provoking," not "complex and engrossing." But simply nice, pleasing and enjoyable. Music you put on when you're in the mood to listen to something just plain good. This isn't to say that "Marks on My Heart," doesn't touch your heart—that it does—but Shannon Karen's CD is, more than anything else, a delightful album to put on the stereo. Listening to the songs for a second or third time (something you'll want to with this CD) creates a certain level of comfort, as the songs take on a satisfying familiarity.
     Part of Shannon's songs likability comes from her straightforward, almost conversational style. It's like you're sitting down with Shannon for a cup of coffee, discussing joys and losses in your respective love lives. Combine this with a perfectly exquisite voice—solid and rich—and you've got a CD that's a joy.
     Here's an example of her lyrics from the song "Broken Wing:"
           What goes on behind your eyes so crystal blue?
           But not clear enough to see through you
           And why do you try so hard it nearly cripples you?
           Who am I to say?
           But it seems like you're wasting time, sweet time.
     Shannon's instrumentation and melodies are also direct and harmonious: The music, pop with an occasional element of jazz, never overshadows her beautiful voice; the two are well balanced. As a bonus, you can actually understand all the words in her insightful songs, something you can't say about every, or even most, albums. (

Recommended first album:

Marks on My Heart is her debut


Marks on My Heart (1999)

Marks on My Heart

Release info:



CD Baby's Shannon Karen page

Ecto priority:

Smooth and pleasant: recommended.

Group members:

Shannon Karen and Guy Thomas—all music and production

Produced by:

Shannon Karen


"Marks on My Heart" is Shannon Karen's only CD to date.

Thanks to Bill Adler for work on this entry.

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