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Susan McKeown, Cathie Ryan, Robin Spielberg

Country of origin:

U.S. and Ireland

Type of music generally:

Traditional and contemporary folk


Only release as a trio, Mother: Songs Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood, 1998

See also:

WIkipedia's entry on Susan McKeown, Susan McKeown's Facebook page, and The Ectophiles' Guide entries for Susan McKeown's solo work, her work with Lindsey Horner, her work with The Chanting House, and her work with Johnny Cunningham

Cathie Ryan's website

Robin Spielberg's website


Solo work by the artists

Covers/own material:

Own and traditional

General comments:

This is a collaboration between three artists with solo careers, gathering together traditional and original songs under this theme.

Recommended first album:

Mother: Songs Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood is their only release


Mother: Songs Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood (1998)

Mother: Songs Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood

Release info:

1998—North Star Records—NS0111


Wide in U.S.

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for fans of gentle traditional and neotraditional folk

Group members:

Susan McKeown—vocals, backing vocals, harmonium, dumbek
Cathie Ryan—vocals, backing vocals, bodrán
Robin Spielberg—piano, vocals

Guest artists:

Gerry Leonard—acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonium
Michelle Kinney—cello
Jeff Allen—bass
Matt Johnson—drums
Gerry O'Beirne—guitar, slide guitar, ukelele
Greg Anderson—bouzouki
Johnny Cunningham—fiddles
Michael Abaron—accordion
Chico Huff—fretless bass
Steve Holloway—drums, conga, shakers, djembe
Jennifer Langham—cello
Joannie Madden—low whistle, tin whistle, whistles
Cillian Vallely—low whistle, uillean pipes
Jeff Berman—shakers, udu, triangle, dulcimer, vibes, percussion
Áine Minogue—harp, Celtic harp
Charae Krueger—cello

Produced by:

Susan McKeown, Cathie Ryan, and Robin Spielberg


It is a mellow-sounding album. It also achieves the effect of an Irish sesiun—where songs (vocal) are interspersed with instrumentals, and instrumentals are usually sets of 3 different timings—between the vocals of the 3 women, Robin's piano work, and additional instrumentation. (

This is a really nice and mellow collection. Susan has a stunning voice, and I'm always up for a little Irish-influenced music. (

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