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Janie Mitchell

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal pop with all kinds of eclectic evocative influences


Only album to date, Psalm & Squall (1992). She has a song on the New Weave compilation Timecode (New Weave 660) from 1995.

See also:

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Facebook page for Janie Mitchell's new duo, Beguildy


Well, the names that come to my mind in various songs (one name per song, though) are Bel Canto, Mari Boine and Rainbirds. I also hear kinships with Jane Siberry and Kate Bush. (Neile)

Covers/own material:


General comments:

A lovely voice and a great songwriter whose songs comes from a wide range of influences. The songs themselves range, both emotionally and in the sound she puts out—she can do both psalms and squalls, truly. The songs are subtle and may take a while to grow on you, but when they do, you'll be as impressed with her as I am. (Neile)

Janie Mitchell I really want to like. I love her writing, the varied instrumentation and at times her voice—but there's just something about her voice that I don't like—even though I really want to. There's one song that really reminds me of Annie Haslam of Renaissance (whom I love), but usually her voice isn't that warm. Other times she's reminiscent of Sheila Chandra. Definitely ecto-fodder—but just doesn't do it for me (though I still listen to it on occasion). (

Recommended first album:

Psalm & Squall


Psalm & Squall (1992)

Psalm & Squall

Release info:

1992 (CD re-release 1994)—New Weave Records—NWCD-454


Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for lovers of ethereal music. (Neile)

Group members:

Janie Mitchell—voices, keyboards, acoustic guitar, hammered dulcimer

Guest artists:

Daniel Crommie—synthesizers, drum programming, flute, buche, penny whistle, electric dulcimer, recorders, carnamus, bowed psaltery, percussion
Michael Maldonado—tenor and soprano saxophones
Bruce Gelman—triangle, percussion

Produced by:

Daniel Crommie


Psalm & Squall describes it well. A sweet and stormy, entreating and taunting, praising and gusty (and gutsy) collection. This was a real sleeper for me. I bought the tape and started playing it as background at work. It seeped into my consciousness and the instant I heard it has been re-released on disc I bought it. This album is very ecto, though a couple of the cuts have rough edges. Delightful songwriting and singing (Janie can sweep up and down with lots of power). This album has both sweet, smooth psalms and stormy squalls. Great stuff! A rich album I haven't tired of after playing it frequently for over six years. (Neile)

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