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Tegan Northwood

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Beautiful & fierce evocative/eclectic ethereal ectronic/alternative pop


Most recent release, Last Days of Home (2009)

See also:

Tegan Northwood's MySpace page

Last Days of Home album on Bandcamp

Self-Raising Flower album on Bandcamp

Sounds of Homes (Shane Fahey & Tegan Northwood) album on Bandcamp


Single Gun Theory, Cocteau Twins, Sarah McLachlan, Aisth, Heather Duby, Halou, etc. Vocally somewhat like Kaitlyn ni Donovan.

Covers/own material:

Own and co-written

General comments:

Tegan Northwood creates a powerfully woven electronic and organic mix of pop/rock. She really knows how to make gorgeous soundscapes using layered vocal tracks (and she has a terrific voice) in just the way that Ectophiles swoon for. I certainly did! I do occasionally hear the Single Gun Theory influence here, but also hear a lot of Halou and Heather Duby, and...really, while there are many artists who have worked this vein, Tegan Northwood's sound feels very much her own. And she has an outstanding voice--it's ethereal and earthy at the same time, just like her overall sound, which is simply beautiful. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

Last Days of Home is the first we've heard


Last Days of Home

Release info:

2009—Endgame Records—END021


Last Days of Home album on Bandcamp

Ecto priority:

Highly, highly recommended

Group members:

Tegan Northwood—vocals, acoustic guitars, solo electric guitars, field recordings, programming, keyboards

Guest artists:

Liz Smith—drums
Adrian Legg—bass
Jon Purcell—electric guitars; lead guitar (2, 6)
Lloyd G—percussion, mallet cymbals
Kent Steedman—lead guitar (1, 6)
Pete Rivett-Carnac (Single Gun Theory)—samples, programming


Wow! From the first strains of this disc—with its wonderful intertwining vocal lines—I was hooked. This is gorgeous. The mix of earthy and electronic sounds is lovely, and the songs are all distinctive and full of hooks. I really cannot recommend this disc enough. Tegan Northwood has an amazing voice and knows how to make the best of it. Just listen. (Neile)

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