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Once Blue

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Folk/pop, some jazz tinges


No longer recording. One album, Once Blue (1995). Rebecca Martin and Jesse Harris are now solo artists.

See also:

Rebecca Martin's site

Jesse Harris's site

The Ectophiles' Guide entry for Rebecca Martin


Rickie Lee Jones, a softer Everything But The Girl

Covers/own material:


General comments:

A female/male folk/pop duo with some jazz tinges. Mostly softer, mellow music. Wonderful in the right mood. (JoAnn Whetsell)

Well, before they were the duo called Once Blue they were in a band called Blue. I saw them open for Lisa Germano. I don't think they had any tapes or CDs available at the time, but I'm not sure about that. I saw them again as Once Blue when they opened for October Project, but I think I was more impressed by their former incarnation. (

Comments about live performance:

I saw Once Blue at Lilith Fair in 1997 and was impressed enough with them to go looking for their album. I think their live performance was more lively, but the album holds its own too. (JoAnn Whetsell)

Recommended first album:

Once Blue only album


Once Blue (1995)

Once Blue

Release info:

1995—EMI Records—72438-35575-2



Ecto priority:

Recommended, especially for fans of the lighter side of ecto

Group members:

Rebecca Martin—vocals
Jesse Harris—vocals, heritage arch-top guitar, finger snaps, acoustic guitar, tambourine, cabasa

Guest artists:

Ben Street—upright bass
Kurt Rosenwinkel—acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
Kenny Wollesen—drums, marimba, shaker, carob pods
Bill Dobrow—finger snaps, conga
Jim Black—drums on 1 track

Produced by:

Steve Addabbo; executive producer Ronald K. Fierstein


They appear to be from New York City...Rebecca Martin does solo vocals with few overdubs or harmony, and Jesse Harris is the other half. It's pretty much just acoustic guitar and rhythm. I definitely wouldn't call it outstanding, but it's pleasant, ranging from folky to jazzy, light but not too sleepy. Nothing innovative musically or lyrically, but she has a sort of sweet, jazzy Rickie Lee Jones-y kind of voice. I'm not even sure why I mention it, since I'd have a hard time paying full price for it, but if you like this sort of thing and have a record store that lets you try before you buy, you might want to give it a shot. (

I also picked up a CD by Once Blue, a male-female duo. They reminded me a bit of an American Everything But The Girl. Anyone else pick up Once Blue? A good first effort. (

i remember discussion about them when their album hit the stands back in '95. i picked it up in the bargain bin because they were compared to Everything But The Girl (early jazz pop incarnation, not the later dance rebirthed band).
     truthfully, i think the folk-tinged pop tag is probably more apt than a more jazz pop tag. they fall into that nebulous catalog of ear candy for me. when i picked it up, i though it was pleasant enough to enjoy and listen to, even put a couple of songs on different various mix tapes. but i haven't listened to the CD in years. it has become part of that graveyard ectobland section that seems to be growing ever larger, as my musical tastes fluctuate and evolve. (

I bought a 1995 album by them just recently—mainly for a song title—and find them to be delightfully Ecto-ish and quite wonderful. The lead singer is female and can sound Rickie Lee Jones-ish at times, other times the music lends itself to a more jazzy vocal vibe. (

I picked up this CD a couple of years back after a random listening session at a CD store on a Saturday afternoon. Most enjoyable duo. (

I would recommend the album to Ecto fans. I can't think what I'd compare it to. The Rickie Lee Jones comment works somewhat. The songs aren't instantly distinguishable or memorable, but with a little time they grow more interesting. I don't play it that often, but it's a great mellow album, especially on lazy afternoons, and I always enjoy it when I do listen to it. (JoAnn Whetsell)

Further info:

"Kisses Good" appears on the Mr. Wrong soundtrack.

Email Rebecca Martin at for more info and/or to get on her mailing list.

Thanks to JoAnn Whetsell for work on this entry.

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