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Robin Pearl

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Contemporary folk/bluesy/country soul-flavored folk/rock


Most recent release, Wisteria (1998)

See also:

CDBaby's Robin Pearl page


Similar to Bonnie Raitt, but the vocals are much thinner. Perhaps some tinges of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jill Jack, or Shawn Colvin

Covers/own material:

Own and co-written songs

General comments:

See comments on Wisteria below

Recommended first album:

Wisteria only album to date


Wisteria (1998)


Release info:

1998—Caleigho Records, P.O. Box 50103, Long Beach, CA 98015, U.S.A.—CR111


See CDBaby's Robin Pearl page

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Robin Pearl—vocals, backing vocals

Guest artists:

David Raven—drums, percussion
Edward Tree—guitars, slide guitar
Jim Blazer—keyboards, Hammond B-3
Teresa James—background vocals
Mare Lennon—background vocals
Taras Prodaniuk—bass
Texacali Horns (Joe Sublett & Darryl Leonard)—horns
John Delatore—drums
Bob Leatherbarrow—percussion
Dandy Lerman—viola
Kim Lenz—guitars, acoustic and electric rhythm guitars
Phil Krawzack—horns
Billy Block—drums
Mark Jordan—Wurlitzer
Norm Sancho—backing vocals

Produced by:

Edward Tree


The CD is beginning to grow on me. I had a tough time getting past the first song, "Nobody Sees the Angel," which was by far my least favorite track (and, oddly enough, the first single and the subject of a raving review in "Billboard"). Pearl's true talents come through later, as she gets grittier and bluesier as the CD progresses. The style here is blues and soul, but with many of the rough edges sanded down to make the music accessible to AAA audiences. The result is some really great songs ("Myth in Blue," which recalls a typical old-time blues song, complete with its humorous, heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics; "Story," which is undeniably empowering and uplifting; "It's Only Me," with its warm keyboards and guitar, and Pearl's grand vocals), and a few that are just too shinily-produced for my tastes, like "Nobody Sees the Angel" and "Stay." The CD gets better as it goes along, finishing up with "Diner" and "Swim Across," which both highlight Pearl's considerable lyrical skills. Pearl is a fine songwriter whose songs tell moving stories, and although Wisteria is uneven (mainly because the too-clean production lets her down at times), it definitely shows plenty of potential. (

Thanks to for Mark Miazga for work on this entry.

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