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Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Beautiful contemporary folk


Most recent release, This Christmas Morning (seasonal, 2005); most recent regular release, Circles in Sand (2001)

See also:

CD Baby's Leslie Ritter and Scott Petito page and their other CDBaby page


Joni Mitchell, of course. Just a little Stevie Nicks.

Covers/own material:

A mix of own and covers

General comments:

Although I love their work, I was a little disappointed to hear Joni Mitchell's song, "Woodstock" sound too much like an impersonation than anything else. Clearly, Leslie knows every single nuance of Joni Mitchell's voice, but I would have preferred a less distracting version. That does not mean that it was a BAD recording, but for me, it took away from exploring Leslie's own talents. (

Recommended first album:

Circles in Sand is the first we've heard


  • In The Silence (1999)
  • Circles in Sand (2001)
  • This Christmas Morning (seasonal, 2005)

Circles in Sand

Release info:

2001—Hudson Valley Records


See website for availability

Ecto priority:

In my opinion, not really. But it will find its fans. A very good recording! (

Group members:

Leslie Ritter—vocals
Scott Petito—guitars, bass, mandolin, octave mandolin, piano, keyboards, loops

Guest artists:

Jerry Marotta—drums, percussion
Steve Gorn—clarinet on 1 track, basuri flutes on 1 track
David Torn—oud, gamalan cloud on 1 track; pedal steel, loops on 1 track
Chris Brubeck—trombone on 1 track
Peter "Madcat" Ruth—harmonica on 1 track
Mike DeMicco—electric guitar on 1 track
Aaron Hurwitz—organ on 1 track
Cecil Hooker—violins on 2 tracks
Cindy Mangsen—accordion on 1 track
Beth Reineke—background vocals on 2 tracks
Ben Wittman—drum on 1 track
Leona Nadj—violins on 1 track
Rachel Handman—violins on 1 track
Terry Champlin—string arrangement, conducting on 1 track

Produced by:

Scott Petito


These two are well suited together; they know each others' style and how to work with it. Sheer poetry in the lyrics! I'd love to hear her record some old blues or jazz standards; there's this slightly gravely flavor to her voice. Many good songs on the disc. (

Further info:

Write: PO Box 708, Catskill, NY 12414; email

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