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Jennie Stearns

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Country-flavored indie folk


Most recent release, Blurry Edges (2011); released The Diving Bells (with Kathy Ziegler as The Diving Bells, 2012)

See also:

Jennie Stearns's site ("under construction" as of 4/17)

Jennie Stearns's Facebook page

Also is in duo The Diving Bells with Kathy Ziegler


Neil Young

Covers/own material:

Own, occasional co-writing, occasional covers

General comments:

There's a real Neil Young feel about Jennie Stearns's overall sound. Stripped-down, and lilting, folk with a country tinge. Jennie Stearns has a similar raspy/scratchy voice and tone. (

Recommended first album:

Sing Desire is the only one we've heard so far


  • Angel With a Broken Wing (1998)
  • Mourning Dove Songs (c. 2000)
  • Sing Desire (2003)
  • Birds Fall (2007)
  • Blurry Edges (2011)

Sing Desire

Release info:



See website

Ecto priority:

Recommended for indiefolk fans

Group members:

Jennie Stearns—vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar

Guest artists:

Chad Crumm—upright bass (looped), electric guitars, synthsizer, ambience, spinet organ, electric bass, piano, shaker, fiddles, acoustic guitar, drum programming
Gregory McGrath—electric guitar on 1 track
Brian Dudla—looped drums on 2 tracks
Gabriel Tavares—electric guitar on 1 track
Bill King—drums on 2 tracks
Richie Stearns—tenor guitar on 2 tracks, banjo on 2 tracks
Mary Lorson (Madder Rose, Saint Low)—vocals on 2 tracks, Fender Rhodes on 1 track
Harry Aceto—bass on 6 tracks
Willie Watson—vocals on 2 tracks, acoustic guitar on 1 track
Jonnie Dowd—electric guitar on 1 track
Peter Dodge—cornet on 2 tracks
Matt Saccuccimorano—drums on 1 track
Billy Coté (Madder Rose, Saint Low)—electric guitars, Nashville strung acoustic guitars, Moog bass, atmosphere on 1 track
Amy Glicklich—harmonium on 1 track
Jordan Aceto—electric guitar on 1 track
Mike Stark—organ on 1 track

Produced by:

Chad Crumm & Jennie Stearns


This is mostly a collection of songs that sounds as though they were written and sung by Neil Young's twin sister. They're pretty acoustic and moody. My favorite track is the first "You Save Me" which has an extremely catchy tune, interesting beats, and particularly yearning vocals. (

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