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Sofia Sunseri

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Jazzy pop


Most recent release, "Grateful" (single, 2012)

See also:

Sofia Sunseri's site


Katell Keineg

Covers/own material:

Co-writes material

General comments:

Sofia Suserti has deepish lilting voice with a jazzy intonation—this gives her sound a slight hint of Katell Keineg to my ear. Her sound and style changes, and her vocals range from sweet whispers to yearning, torchy songs. (

Recommended first album:

Sofia Sunseri is her debut


  • Sofia Sunseri (2002)
  • Flowers (single, 2010
  • Light (single, 2010)
  • Grateful (single, 2012)

Sofia Sunseri

Release info:



See website for availability

Ecto priority:

Recommended for anyone who likes jazzy pop

Group members:

Sofia Sunseri—vocals

Guest artists:

Jeremy Child—drums
Olivier Manchon—violins
Susan Smith—viola
Frank Black—cell
Rick Watling—acoustic guitar, upright bass, drum loop, bowed basses, acoustic guitar
Michael Packer—drums
Christoph Bull—accordion
Sean Halley—organ, guitar, string arrangement, programming, fretless bass, electric guitar, pedal steel, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Michael Packer—snare
Ian McCabe—1st violin
Terry Jones—2nd violin
Karla Hanson—viola
Clint Wilmsen—cello
Richard Martinex—djembe

Produced by:

Sean Halley, Rick Watling, Sofia Sunseri


Half of this cd ("Side A") is studio and half ("Side B") is live, though I probably wouldn't have known without the notation on the disc itself. The first track "See Me" is the one that reminds me most of Katell Keineg: it has the same slightly rocky jazzy pop energy that Katell Keineg's work often does. "Fly Higher" is a little more mainstream poppy and Sofia Sunseri uses a more breathy, dreamy vocal style. "Insides Out" is a more driving song with processed vocals to start the song. Here the vocals are higher than in previous songs to create a more insistent, impatient sound. "I Wait" starts with bird song, but the driving drum sound is shortly joined by Sofia singing deeply and staccato, then later stretching the vocals more, becoming more of a torchy, jazzy song over those drums. "Mama" is only a half-minute bluesy croon. "Queen Bee" has a funky jazz club Peggy-Lee feel. "What is Happening" is an insistent but yearning song with low, hushed, sweet vocals. "In the Same Place" is the only song that feels a little out of place: it wouldn't be out of place on a contemporary folk album and its sense of personal insecurity, reflected in the tight, high vocals leaves the album with a weaker taste than it otherwise deserves. (

Further info:


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