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Jennifer White

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Mostly ambient, ethereal, instrumental harp with a few traditional tunes/songs


Most recent release, Clarsach, 1998

See also:

The Knockgrafton Productions site

Knockgrafton Facebook page


Other Celtic harp music, for example Loreena McKennitt's harp playing (as on Elemental) or Northern Lights' "Music for harp and hammered dulcimer" (Northern Lights are Steve Coulter & Harris Moore, and Music for harp and hammered dulcimer has the same relaxing quality as Jennifer White's music has, though Northern Lights play mostly traditional or classical songs while Jennifer mostly writes her own compositions).

Covers/own material:

Mostly own with several arrangements of traditional songs

General comments:

Jennifer White plays the Celtic Harp (also known as "Clarsach"), and she occasionally sings. According to her info she is a storyteller as well. (Marion)

Recommended first album:

Clarsach is her first release




Release info:

1998--The Knockgrafton Productions--KP001


See The Knockgrafton Productions site for availability and ordering information

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Jennifer White--harp, pennywhistle, vocals

Guest artists:

Robert McMaster--doumbek, percussion, Irish bodhran, ocean drum, snares
Ben White--chimes, tenor guitar, bass, harmony vocals
Robert, Ben & Jay--Foley
The Elementals--thunderstorm
Jay Riehl--percussion, snares, harmony vocals
Darrin Schott--fiddle

Produced by:

Ben White


"Clarsach" is the Gaelic name for the Celtic harp, and that instrument is what this cd is all about. Jennifer White wrote most of the songs herself, with a few own arrangements for traditional songs. Most of the album is instrumental, harp only or harp accompanied by pennywhistle, doumbek, or guitar, with songs inspired by Celtic myths and stories. On a couple of tracks she does some vocalisations in the background (which are actually quite nice on "The Selkie's dream", with layered overdubs), but to be honest I'm not that impressed with her singing voice--it seems unstable and not sure whether to go in the higher or lower register, making it sound as if it's somehow "not there". Fortunately there is only one track where she really sings ("Loch Lomond" which is the final track on the cd and thus easy to skip).... The rest of the cd is very pleasant, relaxing music, very nice to have playing in the background in the evening. (Marion)

Further info:

Jennifer White contributes to the compilations Celtic Mystique (Tandem, 1999, includes "Loch Lomond") and Barrachash: Celtic Jewels (Sattva Music, Germany 1999, including "Oisin" and "Brighid's Dance"). All these songs are on Clarsach as well.

Contact: The Knockgrafton Productions, P.O. Box 23132, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5N9, 519-438-3924, email

Thanks to Marion Kippers for her work on this entry.

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