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Alisa Wolfe

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:



Most recent release, Little Things Unseen, 2000

See also:

Alisa Wolfe currently (4/11) seems to have no web presence


Vocally I found myself thinking of Jann Arden, Beth Hart, and even sometimes Janis Joplin with a lighter voice. Alisa's music is hard to compare with others but I would go so far as saying Melissa Ethridge (to an extent). (

Covers/own material:

Own, occasional covers

General comments:

Incredible voice! Her debut album has at least three tracks that showcase her full capabilities as a singer and songwriter...a very promising recording by a truly gifted newcomer! (

Recommended first album:

Little Things Unseen is her debut


Little Things Unseen

Little Things Unseen

Release info:

2000—Mickey Music Productions—200031



Ecto priority:


Group members:

Alisa Wolfe—electric, acoustic, rhythm guitars, bass, piano, keys, Hammond organ, percussion, vocals

Guest artists:

Charlie St. Cyr.-Paul—drums
Greg Baroni—bass
Marqueal Jordan—sax
Ebby Erickson—lead guitar
Neda Spears & Alexandra Goodman—backing vocals
Harilee Hord—fiddle
Tom Kay—bass
Joe Link—bass
Lisa Ziemann—percussion, congas
Rebecca Warner, Chelsia Rice—backing and guest vocals
Aaron Bryant—drums
Anna Peden, Beth Simmons—additional violins
Maia Comme Fedderly—viola
Sean Krill—oboe
Scot Fedderly—clarinet
Jolie Wolfe—brass
Alan Zayer—bassoon
Michael Musick—double bass
Kristin Coan—harp

Produced by:

Flynn Lowe & Alisa Wolfe


I instantly fell in love with her voice though I had to listen to the album a few times before the songs started to grow on me. Alisa's style is hard to pinpoint but it's unmistakable and after awhile songs like "Far Reach Up" and the bluesy "Killing Time" will be stuck in your head for days, and you won't get tired of hearing them. This album has great potential as does the artist, only a few tracks fall short...Alisa covers the Kate Bush classic "Feel It"...I don't feel it, then again you have to hand it to someone to tackle a Bush song! I definitely recommend little things unseen as something you should give a spin! You definitely won't regret it. (

Thanks to for work on this entry.

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