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Lisa Kane

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Alternative, bluesy, folk/rock


Most recent release, Armstrong Avenue (2005)

See also:

Lisa Kane's site


Less fierce than Melissa Ferrick, less polished than Bonnie Raitt, but reminiscent at times of both. Vocally reminiscent of a less-exotic Sara Craig. (

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Lisa Kane performs mid-tempo, acoustic rock. Already a hit in the Minnesota acoustic music scene, fans of Melissa Etheridge who are looking for a more indie-feel might really go for Lisa. Formerly a member of a three-piece, all-female heavy metal band called Zelpha Trippe (that released three albums) Lisa's guitar skills are evident, although the heavy electric guitar has been replaced by a 12-string acoustic. She is a strong solo performer who has released her first solo album in a more folk/rock/blues style. (

Recommended first album:

old strings & all is the only one we've heard


  • old strings & all (1999)
  • Sooner...Than Later (2001)
  • Surroundings (2002)
  • Armstrong Avenue (2005)

old strings & all

Release info:



See website for availability

Ecto priority:

Might be worth a listen for fans of the genre. (

Group members:

Lisa Kane—vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, spoken word

Guest artists:

Tim Lyles—bass, percussion, guitar
Sandy Gildersleeve—piano, vocals, strings
Danny Roussin—drums, lion roar
Randy Gildersleeve—slide guitar, electric guitar, National guitar, acoustic guitar
Dylan Hatch—vocals
Jay Corck—bass
Kari Larson—tenor guitar, mandolin

Produced by:

Randy Gildersleeve


old strings & all is Lisa Kane's debut effort as a solo artist. She has honed these songs on the solo acoustic venues of Minnesota, but has recorded them with a full band. The clean production and spare arrangements provide a nice sound, but a grittier tone might have been better suited her husky, alto voice and blues/tinged songs. While songs all fall comfortably in the acoustic/rock style, there are elements of country, blues and even funk throughout. Lyrics are heartfelt, vaguely spiritual and socially conscious. Kane is a poet and the emphasis on lyrics is evident here as well. This is a great find for people searching for a new indie artist in this genre. (

Further info:

Write: LM Kane, P.O. Box 6635, St. Paul MN 55106 or e-mail

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