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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Alternative pop/rock


Most recent release, Get There (2005)

See also:

Wikipedia's entry for Boa

Jasmine Rodgers' MySpace page


Dido, Imogen Heap, Splashdown, Natalie Merchant

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Boa started getting heard by a lot of otaku (fans of Japanese animation and comics) thanks to the track "Duvet" being used as the opening theme of the anime series Serial Experiments Lain. I'm impressed. For those insisting on "tastes like chicken" comparisons, imagine a band fronted by an English Natalie Merchant, only warmer and less stiff.) (1999,

Great band! The band consists of the son and daughter of brit rocker Paul Rodgers (of Bad Company and Free fame), along with other members. Jasmine has a beautiful voice, and sings most of the band's songs. Steve Rodgers, who sings lead on occasional tracks, sounds a lot like his dad. The song in Serial Experiments Lain is called "Duvet." It's not a cover, nor was it a hit outside of Anime enthusiast circles as far as I know. It can be found on the U.S. CD, Twilight, or the U.K. release, The Race of a Thousand Camels. I'm trying to think of who the lead singer reminds me of...maybe a cross between Imogen Heap and...Dido? (

Yup, they remind me a lot of Dido, too. In fact, I have Dido's "Here With Me" and Boa's "Duvet" tangled inextricably in my head. (

Recommended first album:



  • Race of the Thousand Camels (U.K., 1998)
  • Twilight (U.S. re-release of Race of the Thousand Camels, 2000)
  • Get There (2005)

The Race of a Thousand Camels (U.K.) / Twilight (U.S.)

Release info:



Currently somewhat rare

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Jasmine Rodgers—lead vocals, guitar, percussion
Steve Rodgers—vocals, guitar, percussion
Paul Turrell—piano keyboards, string arrangements, guitar, percussion
Alex Caird—bass guitar
Lee Sullivan—drums, percussion

Guest artists:

Ben Henderson—guitar, saxophone, percussion
Carousel Strings:
     Sue Baker—violin
     Jude Bonnella—violin
     Kate Wills—viola
     Hannah Birch—cello

Produced by:

Neil Walsh, Darren Allison, Stuart Epps, Jason Barron, and Boa


I really liked their Twilight album—pretty much straightforward, melodic pop-rock but Jasmine has a fabulous voice and the songs have some great hooks. It's not unlike something you might hear from Natalie Merchant, Dido or Imogen Heap. If you like "Duvet," you'll probably really like the entire album. It's good pop-rock—nothing groundbreakingly inventive, but Jasmine's vocals can be quite irresistible. (

"Duvet" gets stuck in my head. Unfortunately, to me, the rest of Twilight just wasn't up to that one gorgeous song.

Get There

Release info:



Self-released and currently somewhat rare

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Jasmine Rodgers—vocals, guitar
Lee Sullivan—drums, percussion, keyboard
Alex Caird—bass, guitar
Steve Rodgers—guitars
Pull Turrell—string arrangements (2), piano arrangements (10)

Produced by:

Boa and Kevin Wood


Very pleasant pop/rock, like the majority of Twilight. It's good, well-constructed, and Jasmine Rodgers' voice is gorgeous. Unfortunately, there's not total knock-out track like "Duvet" or "Twilight" off their first album. (

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