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American Music Club

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Sometimes moody, sometimes upbeat, alternative pop. (neal)


Most recent release, The Mercury Band Demos April 1992—2008 (2008)

See also:

Wikipedia's American Music Club page


I'm put in mind of Morrissey and Bryan Ferry. (neal)

Covers/own material:

Own material

General comments:

The perfect rainy day music, excruciatingly honest, occasionally funny, always intense. (

Recordings include:

  • The Restless Stranger (1985)
  • Engine (1987)
  • California (1988)
  • United Kingdom (1989)
  • Everclear (1990)
  • Mercury (1993)
  • San Francisco (1994)
  • 1984-1995 (2004)
  • Love Songs for Patriots (2004)
  • Live—A Toast To You (2005)
  • The Golden Age (2008)
  • Atwater Afternoon (2008)
  • The Everclear Rehearsals Late 1990—2008 (2008)
  • The Mercury Band Demos April 1992—2008 (2008)


Release info:


Group members:

Vudi, Mark Eitzel, Dan Pearson, Mike Simms, Bruce Kaphan


A slow seductive album. I never notice it on first listen, but find it oddly compelling after it's played a few times. It seems almost chilly and aloof, but then an intensity and moodiness sneak out. There are fast songs too, but the slow ones seem to make the biggest impression. It also has a great cover! (neal)


Release info:



Mark Eitzel and company's first major-label release, but no sell-out here. (

Keep Me Around (single)


Not a particularly good choice for a single but more than worth the $1.99 I paid for it. The biggest reason is the first of the three B-sides, "In My Role as the Most Hated Singer in the Local Underground Music Scene," which features Mark Eitzel at his tortured best and is every bit as good as its title. Yummy! (

Further info:

American Music Club's version of "Goodbye To Love" is one of the high points of the disappointing Carpenters tribute album, If I Were a Carpenter. (neal)

Thanks to Neal Copperman for work on this entry.

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