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Bertine Zetlitz

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Electronic pop


Most recent release, Tikamp (2015)

See also:

Bertine Zetlitz's site

Wikipedia's entry on Bertine Zetlitz

Bertine Zetlitz's Facebook page


Björk meets Dot Allison, Sade

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Her original recordings were under the name, Bertine. She has been decribed as describing her as a 60s lounge sound married with a 90's trip hop beat.

A bit like Björk meeting Dot Allison. Worth checking out in my opinion. (

Her music: synthetic pop with elements from both jazz and house/techno. In 1997, the single "Apples and Diamonds" was one of the more popular pop-songs in Norway. The songs varies in quality, in the best ("Abigail" and "Colour") Bertine's voice is very nice, and she appears as the techno-pop's answer to Sade. She writes her music herself (in English). (

Recommended first album:

Morbid Latenight Show


  • Morbid Latenight Show (1998)
  • Morbid Remix Show (EP, 1998)
  • Beautiful So Far (2000)
  • Sweet Injections (2003)
  • Rollerskating (2004)
  • My Italian Greyhound (2006)
  • In My Mind 1997–2007 the Best of Bertine Zetlitz (compilation, 2007)
  • Electric Feet (2012)
  • Tikamp (2015)

Morbid Latenight Show

Release info:




Ecto priority:


Group members:

Bertine Zetlitz—vocals, backing vocals

Guest artists:

Eivind Aarset—guitar
Arild Andersen—bass
Jan Bang—programming, backing vocals
Espen Berg—programming
Jon Christensen—drums
Bjørn Charles Dreyer—guitar
Bendik Hofseth—saxophone
Bugge Wesseltoft—piano

Produced by:

Jan Bang, Bendik Hofseth


An album that I cannot get out of my CD player. (

It's very nice. (

Sweet Injections

Release info:




Ecto priority:


Group members:

Guest artists:

Produced by:


I found this cheap, and it's worth the price - neat stripey-shiny-papered booklet, the so-catchy danceable (if one danced) 'Girl like you', and lots of cute quirky beeps and blips. I'm not so keen on her persona (or personality) - a bitchy manipulative temptress shows up on several songs (not a compelling one, more cutesy and bland). Still, good electronic pop, great choruses, and enough oddness and melancholy melodies to offset the mercilously cute nature of the beeps. (

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Bertine Zetlitz

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