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Lisa Richards

Country of origin:

Australian, though currently living in the U.S.

Type of music generally:

Contemporary folk- and country-flavoured alternative pop


Most recent release, A Light from the Other Side (2016)

See also:

Lisa Richards' site

CDBaby's Lisa Richards page


Hard call—while she's not exactly unique, she's not quite like anyone I can think of, either

Covers/own material:


General comments:

She has quite a sharp voice, which some people will like more than others, but what most people will like her emotive, catchy way of singing and her songwriting. (Neile)

Lisa has a rather fragile voice that resides in the higher octaves, and can occasionally sound a bit childlike. She has good vocal control, and sings in a very 'flat' way (little vibrato and arpeggio, if those are the right terms). The music is sort of a mix of pop, country and rock, with a twist. (

Recommended first album:

Not Quite So Low is the only one we've heard


  • Not Quite So Low (1999)
  • undergroundling (2001)
  • Fragments of Truth (2003)
  • Mad Mad Love (2006)
  • Beating of the Sun (2012)
  • A Light from the Other Side (2016)

Not Quite So Low

Release info:

c. 1999—self-released


See CDBaby's Lisa Richards page

Ecto priority:

Recommended if the available samples sound good to you

Group members:

Lisa Richards—vocals, guitar

Guest artists:

Daniel Wise—bass on 2 tracks
Tim Bright—bass, drums, percussion, guitar
Richard Arrigo—bass on 1 track
Kevin Hupp—drums, percussion on 2 tracks
Alex Alexander—drums, percussion on 2 tracks
John Wolfson—drums, percussion on 1 track, guitar on 2 tracks
Alan Friedman—keyboards, drum programming, other percussion, guitar on 1 track
Billy Masters—guitar on 1 track
Andrea Pierotti—violin on 1 track

Produced by:

Daniel Wise, Jon Wolfson, Alan Friedman, Tim Bright


An uneven one for me, as this tends toward sounding a little country-folkie for my tastes. I discovered her through someone mentioning her tracks, and I think those are the best on the disc. I really like her song "I Don't Think So", about abuse—it manages to tell a story rather than being simply didactic as so many songs about issues are, and I like a couple of others quite a lot, too, but others I can live without. (Neile)

Most songs on this album are (un)love songs. The most dark and choking song would be "i don't think so", and is somewhat of an odd one out. At the other end there is the more uplifting 'sweet time', a sweet waltz. (

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