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Brigid Boden

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal-voiced alternative pop versions of traditional material


Most recent release, Innocence Is Not a Crime (2001)

See also:

Wikipedia's entry for Brigid Boden


Ashley MacIsaac is the only person whose sensibility is even close to this. (Neile)

Hmmm...kind of like Loreena McKennitt + Ashley MacIsaac + Madonna + a pinch of rap and a pinch of reggae. (

Covers/own material:

Own and cowritten songs and arrangements of traditional material

General comments:

It's great fun (in small doses). Reminds me of Ashley MacIsaac but instead of alternaCeltic it's bopCeltic/triphopCeltic. NOT for the purist traditional music lovers but nonetheless delightful. (Neile)

She has a high, whispery voice with a lot of fiddle in the background, yet even though she's in the Celtic genre, her music has a strong dance beat to it. Tempting, eh? (

Fills that oh-so-narrow gap between traditional Celtic and say, Deep Forest. ;) (

Recommended first album:

Brigid Boden is the only one we've heard


Brigid Boden

Release info:

1996—A&M Records (U.S.)—31454-0439-2



Ecto priority:

Recommended if the idea of TripHopCeltic music sounds good to you

Group members:

Brigid Boden—vocals

Guest artists:

Austin Dawes—fiddle
Kevin Armstrong—guitar, bass, keyboards
Paul Brennan—bones
Vinnie Kildull—uilleann pipes, tin whistle, whistle, bohdrán
Ashley Maher—tribal vocals
Richie Stevens—drums
Simon Hale—string arrangement, piano
Frankie Gavin—fiddle
Rod Beale—bass
JC 001—rapper, human beat box
Ann Wood—fiddle
Pat Kildull—lilter
Mickie Brooks—backing vocals
Chilton Bigga—keyboards
Harry Morgan—percussion

Produced by:

Kevin Armstrong


This does a pretty intriguing meld of celtic music with trip-hop. I find it a little tiresome over the course of an album, but great in the cd shuffle or on sampler tapes. (neal)

Pop-disco-world-Celtic, this is a lively one. Brigid Boden has a sweet voice and she bounces up traditional songs. It's a lot of fun, but not something I listen to a lot. Many of the songs were written or cowritten by Brigid Boden but they all sound as though they are traditional Celtic songs, originally at least. (Neile)

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