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The Dear Janes

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

contemporary folk/pop


Most recent release, Skirt (2002)

See also:

The Dear Janes site


Indigo Girls

Covers/own material:


General comments:

They're a threesome—two women with guitars and one man with a stand-up bass. They promised that their cd would come with a razor blade since much of the lyrics are "depressing" and "dark." Live they're pretty acoustic-y while the cd is more produced and has a lusher feel. (

i like their live performance better than the disc, but i still want to hang on to the record for a couple songs ("10 milligram girl" springs to mind). (

A vote of absolute Yay! for the Dear Janes, and I haven't even heard the cd all the way through, yet—so far, so great! someone compared them to the Indigo Girls, who i love, and this time the comparison holds up and then some. I think I'll be listening to this quite a bit, for a while. (

Comments about live performance:

They were lots of fun to see live—inviting the audience to come closer to the stage, silly bits about rock stars and prozac, and random utterances about afterbirth. Live they're pretty acoustic-y. (3/97,

Recommended first album:

No Skin


  • Sometimes I (1995)
  • No Skin (1996)
  • Skirt (2002)

No Skin

Release info:

1996—Geffen Records—GEFD-25008



Ecto priority:


Group members:

The Dear Janes (Ginny Clee and Barbara Marsh)—vocals, guitars

Guest artists:

John Giblin—many basses
Speedwell—keyboards, accordion, bassoon, thai leaf
pablo Cook—percussion and all things bashed
Richard Evas—dobro, mandola

Produced by:

Richard Evans


I reviewed it for my campus paper, and liked it a lot. (

I love the first two powerful tracks, but the album loses momentum for me when it gets slower and more pop/contemporary folk/Indigo Girls-sounding. (Neile)

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