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Leah Andreone

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Alternative pop


Most recent release, Avalanche (2009)

See also:

Wikipedia's entry on Leah Andreone

Leah Andreone's MySpace page


Leah fits into the Tori-Sarah-Jewel-Heather mode with a teensy (barely detected) touch of Laura Love maybe? (naw). (

Covers/own material:

Co-writes material with producer, Rick Neigher

General comments:

I first heard Leah Andreone nearly a year ago at a small club in San Diego. I was impressed with the strength and sweetness of her voice and delivery. (

I just returned from San Diego where I heard Leah Andreone a lot on local radio. I like her, but she seems a little too straightforward. There just isn't anything unique enough about her to really catch my attention yet, but she's certainly pleasant enough. (

Leah Andreone was entertaining live. She played with a four piece band, and actually reminded me a little of Sara Craig. (

Recommended first album:



  • Veiled (1996)
  • Alchemy (1998)
  • Unlabeled—The Demos (2006)
  • Avalanche (2009)


Release info:




Ecto priority:

Recommended for those who love alternative pop. (Neile)

Produced by:

Rick Neigher


Veiled is a promising and inviting work. Something is not right (to me) but I am not sure what. I think it's the backing music. Certainly it's the photos of Leah. (

The album seems to me to have some good moments, but they're buried and almost lost in the generic overall sound. (Neile)

I liked all of the songs as soon as I heard the album. On the negative side there is really nothing unique about her voice. At some points her voice has that what could be called annoying sound that Alanis Morissette does. But the CD is catchy.... (

can i say a big anti-recommendation of Leah Andreone's album. bad just bad. sorry. (

Veiled was enjoyable, but I thought perhaps too slick or something. (

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