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Deep Forest

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Electronic world music


Most recent release, Evo Devo (Evolution & Development) (2016)

See also:

Wikipedia's entry on Deep Forest


Think Baka Beyond fronted by Peter Gabriel doing electronic music incorporating field recordings of indigenous music

Covers/own material:

Own, some co-written

General comments:

When it comes to stylish electronica, French duos have risen to the top. Deep Forest works the ethno-techno World Beat angle. (

Recommended first album:



  • Deep Forest (1992)
  • World Mix (1994)
  • Boheme (1995)
  • Comparsa (1997/8)
  • Made in Japan (live, 1999)
  • Pacifique (2000
  • Music Detected (2002)
  • Essence of the Forest (compilation, 2004)
  • Kusa No Ran (limited Japan-only release, 2004)
  • Sweet Lullaby Remixed (remixes, 2007)
  • Deep Brasil (2008)
  • Deep India (2013)
  • Deep Africa (2013)
  • Evo Devo (Evolution & Development) (2016)

Deep Forest

Release info:




Ecto priority:

Highly recommended


Another grooving album. Crank the bass and dance to these pygmies. The frenchmen who put this one together did a pretty good job, although I think they didn't let the pygmies sing for themselves quite enough and spent too much time stringing samples together. A nice ambient dance album nonetheless. (

Deep Forest is Ecto, I believe, but it's as much a product of technology as Front 242. The pygmies are pretty much irrelevant; it's just an ecological marketing gimmick. They could have sampled just about anything with the same effect. Isn't technology wonderful? (


Release info:




Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Eric Mouquet
Michel Sanchez

Guest artists:

Márta Sebestyéen (3, 6, 9)
Katalin Szvorak (9)
Franck A. Douglas (10)

Produced by:

Eric Mouquet, Michel Sanchez


I like it much more than their first, but I doubt it will do as well. Less danceable, more accordions, but some great vocals by Márta Sebestyén. Being heralded as "Deep Forest go to Transylvania". (

This seems quite an amazing album, definitely worth listening to, especially if you liked their first, although it does differ from this astoundingly. Lovely and interesting vocals. an album i love based solely on the music (well, obviously... i don't understand the languages being sung in :). it's almost too well produced, too slick, but again it's an album i've listened to a lot and really enjoy, so it's made it to my best of the year. my favourite track has got to be "freedom cry", which is interesting, since i generally like female vocals and the person singing on this is male; although the women's voices are lovely, this one somehow has the most expression, and some quality that i find impossible to define, but which i love. maybe i find it a friendly voice. or something. anyway. (damon)

I *love* this album! I have only listened to it once so far, but it conjured up a lot of little vignettes in my mind. I can't wait to go travelling with this CD again :) (fleur)

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Deep Forest

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