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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Contemporary folk, traditional (and trad-based)


Most recent release, Mortal Daze, 2001

See also:

CD Baby's Shenanigan page


Deanta (I'm not too familiar with names here, but other traditional Irish/Celtic bands like perhaps the Bothy Band?). (Marion)

Covers/own material:

Mostly traditional, some neo-traditional contemporary songs

General comments:

Shenanigan is a six-member Celtic folk band based in Vancouver, BC. They are focused on the Irish/Celtic tradition, but they try to have an original approach to the standard songs. Their lively instrumental pieces are much fun, and take some side-steps to jazz influences or tango, while they also have some wonderful ballads with beautiful female vocals. (Marion)

Recommended first album:

Mortal Daze is their debut


Mortal Daze

Mortal Daze

Release info:



See CD Baby's Shenanigan page for availability

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Ruth Boggild—flutes, low and high whistles
Clare Brett—lead vocals, guitar
Ewan "Sudsy" Clark—fiddle, vocals
Graham Johnson—tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, piano accordion, whistles
Stuart MacDonald—fretless bass
Revellie Nixon—percussion, vocals

Guest artists:

Graham Carver—guitar
Randy Vic—foot percussion

Produced by:

Graham Johnson


Mortal Daze is Shenanigan's first album, containing 17 tracks of traditional music and some original songs. The instrumental pieces are lively and cheerful and you can hear the musicians really enjoyed playing—"music to rattle your dishes and warm your heart", as they say on their flyer. Most are fairly traditional, jigs and reels, airs, polkas and even a tango ("Last tango in Tiperary"), but some songs have more of an easy-listening jazz flavour or are more folk. The vocal songs are very beautiful, Clare Brett does have a beautiful warm voice. I especially love their own new songs; highlights of the cd are the ballads "The Dragon and the Phoenix" and "Muruche", which I keep playing over and over again (both written by Clare). Another highlight is their version of "Carrickfergus". I'm not too fond of their approach to "She moves through the fair", which seems a bit too dramatic for my liking. But that's the only flaw I can think of for this wonderful album. I'm looking forward to hearing more of them. (Marion)

Thanks to Marion Kippers for work on this entry.

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