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Alisha's Attic

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Mainstream pop


Disbanded. Final studio release, The House We Built (2001). A couple of compilations followed.

See also:

Wikipedia's Alisha's Attic entry

A fan page


The Murmurs, Nields. (

General comments:

Oh, wow...I really like Alisha's Attic. I mean, I know that everyone's tastes vary, but those girls really surprised me because I *do* like their music.... very much. I'm not usually into music that's even remotely cutesy, but something about Alisha's Attic's sound really appeals to me. They've been referred to as lite-goth. I don't know is really all that accurate a label, but there is something a little dark to their humor and I find their approach refreshing in this ever-growing arena of Sturm und Drang chanteuses. (

Dual female vocalists, as in the The Murmurs/Nields style. I've never really cared too much for this, and therefore didn't like Alisha's Attic too much. One of their songs has stayed with me though—it was pretty good. (

OK, nice vocal harmonies between the two female vocalists, but not overly exciting. (

Spice Girls with brains and talent. Charming. (


  • Alisha Rules The World (1996)
  • Japanese Dream (1997)
  • Illumina (1998)
  • The House We Built (2001)
  • The Attic Vaults 1 (rarities, 2001)
  • The Collection (compilation, 2003)

Alisha Rules The World

Release info:

1996—Mercury—534 027-2



Ecto priority:

Recommended for pop fans

Group members:

Shellie Poole—vocals, recorder
Karen Poole—vocals

Guest artists:

Andy Wright, Paul Taylor & Gary Hughes—programming & keys
Kat Evans—electric violin
Chucho Merchai—bass & double bass
Dave Stewart—all guitars & fairy dust
Terry Disley—keys
Olle Romo—additional programming
Tom Bowes—violin
Fenella Barton—violin
Andrew Brown—viola
Caroline Dale—cello

Produced by:

Dave Stewart


There's not a song on Alisha Rules The World that I don't enjoy listening to. If you have a chance to check out their CD, do so. But, don't go into expecting heavy lyricism or multi-layered musical arrangement. These girls like to dance and they don't dwell on their neuroses. (

Further info:

They contributed to the compilation albums Childline and Bean - The Album.

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