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One Single Breath

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Ethereal alternative pop


Last known release, One Single Breath (1999)

Singer Yolanda Fleming now goes by Yolanda Navarra Fleming and is in a band doing music for yoga, Yoji Ananda & The Inquisitive Cobra

See also:

One Single Breath's MySpace page


There's no escaping the inevitable Kate Bush ("moving"-esque)/Happy Rhodes comparisons

Covers/own material:


General comments:

My first thought upon listening to this CD was "Wow she sounds like Kate Bush"...they have a very ethereal sound that is a matter of taste for some people. (

Recommended first album:

One Single Breath is the only release we've heard about


One Single Breath (1999)

One Single Breath

Release info:

1999—One Single Breath Productions



Ecto priority:

For fans of soothing "Enya" type music with Kate Bush vocals

Group members:

Yolanda Fleming—vocals, zills
Guy Fleming—bass guitar, keyboards, 12-string bass, piano, lead guitar

Guest artists:

Daniel Connolly—keyboards, Wurlitzer, drum programming
Michael E. Thomas—guitars
Eric Clark—udu, djembe, percussion
Mark Orlandini—drums, drum kit
Vitoba—wind controller, congas, shakers, percussion
Scott Williams—tabla, zills

Produced by:

One Single Breath Productions


On first listen the album did nothing for me. When I listened to it at 4am during a loud thunderstorm I started hearing some great songs in this album. It flows incredibly well, and is a very soothing and mystical album that will take years for me to grasp all the depth of all the songs. There's nothing incredibly striking in the album wise—and I find it merely a mood piece for now (hopefully that will change soon). The melodies that the couple generate are beautiful and I definitely recommend this album for anyone wanting to kick back and relax. (

Thanks to Eric ( for work on this entry.

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