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Jenn Adams

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

contemporary folk, swing, blues


Most recent release, Under The Gypsy Sky (2004)

See also:

Jenn Adams' website


Shannon McNally, Bic Runga, Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch

Covers/own material:

Own with some covers

General comments:

Oh Sister, Thou Canst Sing! And to judge from Jenn Adams's liner note pictures, she does so with rockin' joy! Her voice and singing style compare favorably with the best of the current generation of up-and-coming singer/songwriters, like Shannon McNally or Bic Runga, as well as established artists like Alison Krauss or Gillian Welch. Singers like McNally with a cover of Paul Simon's "50 Ways" on her forthcoming, much-anticipated "Jukebox Sparrows" album and Adams, have the ability to expand upon classic tunes. Jenn does an acoustic swing version with soul of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower." It's not to be missed! (

Recommended first album:

in the pool is the first we've heard


  • Water (1997)
  • in the pool (2000)
  • Live on the Blue Planet (2002)
  • Under The Gypsy Sky (2004)

in the pool

Release info:

2000—White Boxer Music


See Jenn Adams' website for availability

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Jenn Adams—guitar, acoustic guitar, archtop guitar, vocals

Guest artists:

Byron House—bass, upright bass, bowed bass
Greg Morrow—drums, samples
Kenny Malone—percussion
John Floridis—electric guitar, nylon string guitar
George Marinelli—electric guitar, hi-strung guitars, acoustic guitar
Suzi Ragsdale—background vocals
Steve Conn—accordion, Hammond B3, acoustic piano
Kirk "Jelly Roll" Johnson—harmonica
Rod McGaha—trumpet
Malcolm Holcombe—duet vocal

Produced by:

Frosty Horton


If Elvis Presley had been born a girl, her name would've been Jenn Adams! Jenn's song "Not Tonight" evokes fond memories of Doc Pomus's and Mort Shuman's "Little Sister" and Elvis's rendition of that classic swing tune from 1963. Bluegrass Heaven, in Montana! "Joliet", the introductory track, is a song of rejoicing and remembrance, sung in as fine a voice as I've ever heard, smooth and mellifluous. Track #2 "Most Precious Days" is a love song of existential sweetness, in which Jenn offers the listener an example of her ability to sing effortlessly with wafting vocals in the higher register. Jenn Adams is an artist with a mature depth of songwriting skill, from a chilling song like "Mozambique Is Burning," exhibiting her political sensibilities, to a roots song like "Leave The Light On." Most importantly, she is a songwriter with something to say and her recordings are pure joy to hear. She makes the transition from songs with a contemporary folk beat, to those with swing rhythm, seem effortless. I can guess what her laconic, speed-of-light reply to these unvarnished comments will be: "Yeah, right buddy!" Don't hesitate a minute. For heartfelt songs with great arrangements and an impressive group of supporting musicians, make "In The Pool" a must-have album on your list! (

Thanks to Dave Nelson for work on this entry.

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Jenn Adams

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