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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Folk/rock, folk/blues and contemporary folk, with country influences


Most recent release, Another Life (2007)

See also:

Official Lenore site


Although Lenore's voice has been compared to Sheryl Crow and Ricki Lee Jones, her voice and style seem most evocative of K.T. Oslin, with a touch of Wynonna Judd. (

Covers/own material:


General comments:

See album comments below

Recommended first album:



  • Lenore (1999)
  • Summer Dancing (2002)
  • Another Life (2007)


Release info:

1999—Elaine Records—ER4401


Check website for current availability

Ecto priority:

Highly Recommended for fans of contemporary folk and folk/blues music.

Group members:

Lenore—vocals, acoustic guitar
Stephen Bright—bass, Chapman stick
Larry Crowe—drums, percussion
Bill Evans—Hammond organ
Mike Hall—electric guitar

Guest artists:

J.K. Folks—percussion
Bian Gatto—organ
Mike Hall—acoustic guitar
Marty Hepburn—harmonic
Paul LaChapelle—bass

Produced by:

Lenore Elaine & Paul LaChapelle


Lenore's saucy, tongue-in-cheek delivery of songs like "Here Comes Trouble" and "I've Wanted You (For A Very Long Time)," combined with a good vocal range from alto to soprano, communicate an infectious enthusiasm very effectively to her listeners. High energy, country rock 'n roll tunes like "I Keep Changing," "This Song" and "Doin' It", combined with distinctively change-of-pace, slower-tempo country/bluesy tunes like: "I Don't Want You To Die," "A Day At A Time," "Born With The Blues," and "Goin' To New Orleans" maintain interest throughout the album. My least favorite song was the onomatopoetic "Doin' It," with its admittedly admirable admonition not to tolerate abuse. The 13 songs on Lenore were pretty evenly divided between folk/rock and folk/country blues tunes, with a couple of more contemporary folk tunes, such as "This Song" and the truly outstanding "Just One More" shovel of sand in the face of the human soul. This latter song, beautifully and plaintively sung, follows in the folk-singing footsteps of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Don McLean, Richard Thompson, Billy Bragg and Kate Wolfe, to name more than a few. It's only a matter of time before Lenore's engaging voice and songs are more widely heard and appreciated at all points south of her native Canada. (

Further info:

Email info @ lenore . com

Thanks to Dave Nelson for work on this entry.

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