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Jen Bernard

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Beautiful & fierce evocative/eclectic traditional, early music and contemporary folk


Most recent release, Losing My Skin (1995)

See also:

AllMusic's info on Jen Bernard


Sandy Denny, Pentangle most closely

Covers/own material:

Own, traditional, early music, covers

General comments:

The quickest description of Jen Bernard's sound I can think of is if early Joni Mitchell sang Sandy Denny's style of material. She has a voice with the purity of early Joni Mitchell but also Sandy Denny's power and ability to make songs come alive as though she were the only one who had ever sung them. You will believe me when you hear her version of Tori Amos's "Sister Janet"—and makes it her own (well, of course you have to at least start by being willing to hear someone cover Tori). She sounds equally at home with early music, traditional British folk, and her own compositions. Impressive. (Neile)

Recommended first album:

Losing My Skin is her sole solo release to date (2005)


Losing My Skin (1995)

Losing My Skin

Release info:

1995—self released



Ecto priority:

Highly recommended

Group members:

Jen Bernard—vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, organ

Guest artists:

Kate Black—vocal, mandola
David Langenes—acoustic guitar, bass, guitar, harp-like guitar
Tobey Nelson Knowlton—vocal
Greg Stipkala—electric guitar
Eric Danskine—drums, snare drum
Jane Wright—vocal

Produced by:

Jen Bernard


This album is all over the map as far as source material goes, though it's bound together with the strength of Jen Bernard's wonderful vocals and interpretive abilities. Both have rare clarity and beauty. She begins the album with a ballsy cover of Tori Amos's "Sister Janet" (ballsy because few dare take on a song interpreter like Tori Amos). She moves easily to evocative songs of her own composition, to a few tracks that sound like early Fairport Convention, to early music and traditional songs. All are lovely. Highly, highly recommended. (Neile)

Further info:

Jen Bernard also performs as part of the Ariel Consort (at weddings and other events, Jen & Wendy (children's music), The Stolen Sweets (30s jazz), and Carmina Luna (gothic chamber folk)

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