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Mediæval Bæbes

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Early English music


Most recent release, Victoriana (compilation, 2017)

See also:

Mediæval Bæbes' site

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The Ectophiles' Guide's entry for Miranda Sex Garden, an earlier project led by Katherine Blake


Miranda Sex Garden's Madra

Covers/own material:

Early music

General comments:

Miranda Sex Garden are on hiatus at the moment, because Katherine Blake, who was more or less the main creative force of the group, started another project, the Mediæval Bæbes, whose music is more in the Madra vein...kind's all old(e) English stuff, VERY old VERY amazing songs, not the high chirpy Italian madrigals, but old Latin hymns and the first Christmas carols and things...their first album Salva Nos is available in America, but their second, Worldes Blysse, is not...sadly...but the Bæbes actually sold very well, both albums topped the Classical charts in Britain and they toured all over...well, all over England...but anyhow, it's 16 girls and Katherine is the main creative force, yet again... she took a few of the girlies from Miranda Sex Garden along for the ride as well...apparently, it was making them more money than Miranda Sex Garden was at the time. anyhow, it's mostly a cappella and overall very compelling amazing music...I'd say go check it out if you can find it... Mediæval Bæbes and Portishead are the only things that got me through a traumatic time. I also have a special place in my heart for medieval sacred musics, especially a cappella vocal I love that stuff... umm...yeah, that's what Miranda Sex Garden are up to now. ;D (John.Drummond)

I'd heard a lot of good things about Miranda Sex Garden, but their albums have never clicked for me. But I immediately liked what the Mediæval Bæbes were doing. Took the best elements of the various stages of Miranda Sex Garden and built off of them in a way that seemed fresh and alive. (neal)

I personally like the Mediæval Bæbes much more than Miranda Sex Garden. I just got two of their albums in my last trip and had a pleasant surprise when I started listening to them, since I bought them without knowing anything about them. (

I prefer Mediæval Bæbes to Miranda Sex Garden. Maybe Kat should make Mediæval Bæbes her full time project. (

Great project of Katherine Blake's (Miranda Sex Garden). Medieval music sung by some hip chicks. These albums are beautiful, but fun. (

Recommended first album:



  • Salva Nos (1997)
  • Worldes Blysse (1999, re-released 2007)
  • Undrentide (2000)
  • The Rose (2002)
  • Mistletoe & Wine: A Seasonal Collection (seasonal, 2003)
  • Best of (compilation, 2004)
  • Mirabilis (2005, re-released 2008 & 2009)
  • Live (live, 2006)
  • Illumination (2009)
  • Temptation (2010)
  • Devotion (seasonal compilation, 2012)
  • The Huntress (2012)
  • Of Kings & Angels: A Christmas Carol Collection (seasonal, 2013)
  • Victoriana (compilation, 2017)

Salva Nos

Release info:

1997—Virgin Records



Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for fans of Early Music and/or a cappella music

Group members:

Nicole Froblisch, Carmen Schneider, Katharine Blake (musical directions), Nichole Sleet, Karen Lupton, Teresa Casella, Marie Findley, Audrey Evans, Clare Ravel, Ruth Galloway, Rachel Van Asch, Cylindra Sapphire


See general comments above

Further info:

Mediæval Bæbes have released two DVDs: Mediæval Bæbes (filmed in 2006 for their tenth anniversary) and Live at Gloucester Cathedral (filmed in 2008).

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