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Margot O'Breslin

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Beautiful & fierce alternative pop/rock with evocative/eclectic influences


Sole release, That's the way it is today (1997)

See also:

No current web presence (1/09)


Pepper McGowan, Tori Amos, Emm Gryner, Imogen Heap. (Neile)

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Margot O'Breslin is a fierce pianist and singer, but her style is quite different from Tori Amos'. She is sure to hear the "Sounds Like Tori" refrain in reviews of her work, but the difference between them shows how the comparison of all female singers who base their music on the piano to Tori and Kate Bush is fairly meaningless other than as a point of departure. For me Margot adds a very focused passion and sound to the girl-and-piano thing. I would compare her more to Pepper McGowan, Emm Gryner, and Imogen Heap than to Tori Amos, except to people who hadn't heard of those artists. (Though in many ways I would compare That's the way it is today to Tori Amos' Boys for Pele.)
     She has the technical piano chops that Tori Amos does—she can really play! Like Tori, it sounds as though the piano is an extension of her voice. Makes for really connected, whole-sounding music.
     I discovered her work while looking for links to Pepper McGowan, and she is similar in passion and forthrightness, but her sound is more rounded—not stripped down as Pepper's is. Her vocals are strong, occasionally forceful. Her piano work is extremely accomplished—certainly the equal creatively if not more polished than Tori's.
     The sound samples on her website were impressive enough for me to order the disc without any other recommendation. After listening to her music steadily since receiving the disc in the mail I haven't tired of it and highly recommend that people check it out. (Neile)

Clunk! That was the sound of my jaw dropping after listening to her CD. Margot is amazing. I found her keyboards an orchestration that was beautiful. Her vocals are controlled and strong and cover a large amount of octaves. Her lyrics still have me wondering, and thinking. (

Recommended first album:

That's the way it is today


That's the way it is today (1997)

That's the way it is today

Release info:

1997—O'Breslin Music/Eve Records


Mail order from bunnington @ aol . com

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for fans of fierce rock

Group members:

Margot O'Breslin—piano, vocals, synthesized percussion

Guest artists:

Jesse Preston—bass guitar
Greg Zydyc—electric and acoustic guitar
Mike Gableman—drums
Eric Lenz—cello
Frank Vale—synthesized percussion


For those who were looking for a more structured Boys For Pele, this might be the album for you. It has the creative depth of Tori Amos' Boys For Pele, but seems far more intentional/focused—more in-your-face—and less rambling. The lyrics are allusive and hard to pin down entirely but seem more complete.
     On the title song the way she uses her voice full out reminds me very much of Emm Gryner, though on the other songs her voice while still strongly emotional isn't quite as forced.
     Oh, and don't let the first verse of the first song on the disc fool you—this isn't sweet pop by a long shot, even though that song starts that way before taking a rather fierce turn. This is strong stuff, and amazing that it's an indie debut album. Beautiful and fierce indeed.
     This disc is a highly recommended purchase. (Neile)

"That's the Way It Is Today" and "Man On a String" are some of my favorite songs from the CD. Margot is one of the best emerging artists I've heard. I doubt she will be "emerging" much longer. Don't miss any chance to hear her music, or see her live. (

Excellent and highly recommended. I think this is a great album. (neal)

Love her piano playing, her timing, her sense of rhythm, lyrics, etc. Kind of Tori Amos meets Billy Joel or Elton John. (

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