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Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

alternative pop/rock, i think. (damon)


Most recent release, The Current Music of Brunatex (2006)

See also:

brunatex's MySpace page

brunatex's Soundcloud page


wow! who knew danielle dax had a somewhat less raucous twin with an australian accent? also a bit like heather nova in places. occasional flashes of kate bush. (damon)

After a couple of listens one name comes to mind: Danielle Dax. Sorry, no (or at least very little) Kate Bush to my ears... But I immediately had to plop in one of my Danielle Dax cds and compare the two.. *Very* strong similarities I think.... (

Covers/own material:


General comments:

piercing, danielle dax-like vocals punctuate great mixed electronic/acoustic pop/rock music. the instrumentation is mostly "guitar and keyboard with other interesting sounds." (damon)

My first reaction was that the singer must be channeling Kate Bush at times :) I think I meant the way she sometimes breaks into her falsetto voice, and the vocal mannerisms seem a bit Kate-like at times. Especially on slower tracks, "five eight" and "a is for apple"... Didn't notice any resemblance to Frente though.... (

Recommended first album:

cut ep is the only release we've heard


  • Comfortable (1998)
  • cut ep (2000)
  • The Current Music of Brunatex (2006)

cut ep

Release info:




Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for pop/rock fans

Group members:

Fiona Scobie—vocals, percussion, bass
Tanya Giobbi—vocals, keyboards
Jonathan Soong—keyboards, guitars
Simon Pocock—guitars
Warren Bennett—drums

Guest artists:

Leana Kazmierczak—guitar on 1 track
David Pleic—additional guitar on 3 tracks

Produced by:

Chris Dickie


some great alternative pop/rock. there's a good mix of songs on this album, from fast rockers to slower strummy-guitar tunes. lots of powerful guitar work, underlaid with some nice electronic noodlings. perhaps a bit towards the mainstream side of ecto, but by no means boring or samey. great vocalists, on the piercing, higher-register side of things. the lead singer sounds uncannily like danielle dax to me, but with a distinct australian accent. the music is sometimes similar to danielle dax's, but generally less raucous. there's a strong resemblance to some of heather nova's work, particularly in the title track, "cut" (both music and vocals). all in all, definitely recommended. (damon)

Only the first song, "monster", is Dax-like, but dead-on Dax it is. The rest is more like a touch of The Sundays lilt crossed with the Cocteau Twins' ethereal vocals. The instrumentation doesn't sound like those bands though, instead vearing towards crunchy guitars trading off with atmospheric synths. (1/01, neal)

A beguling record by a very intriguing band. They resemble the Cocteau Twins but the singer sings in english rather than an invented language. Fiona Scobie's voice resmebles Kate's at times and is strong. The songs are airy and catchy. Top stuff. (

Thanks to damon for work on this entry.

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