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John Etnier

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Experimental electronic progrock


Most recent release, Modem, 1999

See also:

The Disques Dual website


Unfortunately I don't have much to compare this to. A lot of it makes me think of the more interesting of eighties rock, but with more modern production values. (damon 6/00)

Covers/own material:

Own, often co-written, occasional covers

General comments:

John Etnier seems to have been quite influenced by eighties power rock, but approaches it with a much more interesting, experimental and progressive mien. In a way his stuff is what eighties rock could have been if most of it hadn't been so dismal. If you occasionally find yourself tapping along with eighties schlock and hating yourself for it, this might be your outlet.... (damon 6/00)


  • The Demo
  • Arterial
  • Performance
  • Modem


Release info:

1999--The Disques Dual--DD-0698


See The Disques Dual website for availability

Ecto priority:

Recommended if you like interesting electronic rock, and find the comments intriguing! (damon 6/00)

Group members:

John Etnier--guitars, synths, drums, vocals, drum fills, percussion, computer voice, samples, bass

Guest artists:

Dan Merrill--vocals
Andrea Re--backing vocals, melody, vocals, lyrics, percussion
Nancy Etnier--backing vocal
Teg Glendon--bass, non-looped bass
Dave Fields--cymbals, drum kit
Joe Wainer--outro drums, cymbals, drums
Chip Harding--backing vocal arrangement, backing vocals
Mary Hanson, Rachel McCartney--backing vocals
Matt Lucey--guitar solo
Rob Roy--bass
Kate McDonnell--lyrics, melody, vocals
Cameron Myers--lyrics, melody, vocals
M.C. Drray (Andre Hicks)--rap, lyrics
Steve Johnson--outro drum loop, drums, tambourines
Stephanie Leighton--choreographer
Tracey MacLean--vocals
Todd Dadalaeres--lyrics melody, vocals
Mark Wainer--lead guitars
Jason Ricci--harmonica

Produced by:

John Etnier & Mark Wainer


Strong electronic progressive rock with various vocalists, and a sprinkling of quieter, more experimental, sometimes trancey instrumental tracks. A lot of the rock tracks are quite evocative of a somewhat eighties power rock theme, but generally more interesting than that genre. Some have the rock ballad sound ("Standing on Water"), some are make-you-think weirdness (the cover "Disposable World", on which Etnier himself sings lyrics starting with "I went down to the dump just the other day, and there were fifty pairs of brand new shoes there"). "King" has some kind of rap vocals over decidedly non-rap music; basically, there's quite a lot of variation here within the general electronic progrock parameters. The trancey instrumental tracks generally involve a lot of experimental playing with sounds, and are quite engaging, though I do occasionally get the feeling that though they're not really supposed to be working towards any grand resolution, maybe sometimes they would benefit from having one in mind. Still, they make good listening in the right mood. In the end I find the mix of power rock and quiet instrumental tracks vaguely uneasy, but generally good. The arrangements have a way of hooking you with interesting sounds, and they generally live up to their promise on repeated listening. This CD has a place in my collection, and I imagine I will pull it out every so often when I'm in the mood! One complaint though--the 11 minutes of silence before the obligatory "bonus tracks" is evil! Not to mention the fact that, seeing as it brings the total length of the CD up to 71 minutes and something, it almost seems like nothing more than a cheap way to max out the used space on the CD...;) (damon 6/00)

Thanks to damon for his work on this entry.

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