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Victoria Parks

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Traditional and neo-traditional Celtic folk


Most recent release, Wild English Rose (2003)

See also:

Victoria Parks' site

CDBaby's Victoria Parks page


Niamh Parsons a little, vocally

Covers/own material:

Mostly own, occasional traditional covers

General comments:

Victoria Parks has an odd but appealing voice, it has touches of richness yet sometimes has hints of little-girlness, smokiness, roughness and and high clarity. Her material is where Parks really shines—her neo-traditional tunes feel particularly authentic, perhaps because some of them use old family material. (

Recommended first album:

Wild English Rose is the first we've heard


Wild English Rose

Release info:

2003—Wild Mane Music—WMM-40501



Ecto priority:

Recommended for fans of traditional and neotraditional folk

Group members:

Victoria Parks—vocals

Guest artists:

Larry Cook—guitar, mandolin, keyboards
Matthew Abelson—hammered dulcimer
Pat Mogan—whistle, bodran
Liz Mueller—fiddle
Tom Martin—bass
Gary Strauss—drums, snare
Bernie Nau—piano
Dan Green—keyboard
Jeff Ciampa—fretless bass
Jim Scarff—guitar
Jim Ed Cobbs—keyboard
Chris Markley—whistle, bodran
Arkadiy Gips—violin
Kari Gunderson—viola
Susan Walsh—cello
Dave Reddick-guitar
David Daye—Highland pipes
Ron Price—harmony vocals
John Maffett—Highland pipes
Tom Prasada Rao—guitar, electric sitar

Produced by:

Victoria Parks; co-produced by Dan Green and Tom Martin


"Dear Sister" is the album stand-out—a song made of letters from an emigrant to her sister back home. The selection shows quite a range as well, from rollicking tunes ("Song for Yule") to heartfelt laments ("Ballad of Uncle Davey"). (

Further info:


Thanks to Sophia Gurley for work on this entry.

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