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Epiphany Project

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Lovely piano-based ethereal alternative pop with an evocative/eclectic flavour, including touches of folk and jazz


Most recent release, The Poet and the Revolution (2016)

See also:

Epiphany Records site

Epiphany Project's Facebook page


Vocally, I hear hints of Loreena McKennitt and Æther. (Neile)

Covers/own material:


General comments:

And speaking of sinfully gorgeous music, I must insist that those of you who haven't checked out Epiphany Project please do so! YUM.
     For those of you who have never heard them, Epiphany Project is pianist John Hodian and vocalist/songwriter Bet Williams. Sometimes it's just the two of them; other times they're joined by percussion and strings. Hodian is an Emmy award-winning composer and is one of Manhattan's busiest composers of film scores. Williams is a folk favorite with a charismatic style and earthy, sometimes operatic, vocals. But when the two of them get together, their uncategorizable sound lies somewhere between avant-garde folk, world beat, and pop-art music. It's entrancing and otherworldly, poetic word play and contagious rhythms, evocative and compelling, highly charged and theatrical, spiritual and beautiful. In other words, it's Ecto music. I know what you guys like. And they be it. They'll make your hair stand on end. (

This is lovely ethereal pop, based around John Hodian's fascinating piano work and Bet Williams' lovely vocals. She has a rich voice rather like Loreena McKennitt's and with a similar range, and the music overall reminds me a lot at times of Æther's ethereal harp-based music. Bet Williams also has some vocal moves in common with Æther's vocalist. The songwriting and production is also creative. (Neile)

Comments about live performance:

Please come out for a night you won't forget! Check out their show if you wanna have your hair stand on end.... Such divine ecto music.... lalala. (

Recommended first album:

Epiphany Project is the only one we've heard


  • Epiphany Project (2001)
  • 3 (2006)
  • Hin Dagh (2008)
  • Live in Germany (live, 2011)
  • The Poet and the Revolution (2016)

Epiphany Project

Release info:

2001—epiphany records, P.O. Box 272, Woodstock NY 12498, USA


See website for availability

Ecto priority:

Highly recommended for fans of ethereal pop

Group members:

Bet Williams—vocals
John Hodian—piano, udu, talking drums, percussion

Guest artists:

M.B. Gordy—percussion
Dave Carpenter—bass
Debra Dobkin—percussion
Kevin Kuhn—acoustic guitar, mandolin
Julie Baker—violin
Trevor Exter—cell
Robin Moxey—electric guitar
Kevin MacConnell—bass
Elizabeth Kaderabek—violin
Gloria Justin—violin
Mary Cullom—viola
Jonathan Fink—cello
Steve Wheelock—electric guitar
Lou Opalesky—trumpet
David Biddison—snare
Shazad Ismailey—electric guitar

Produced by:

John Hodian and Bet Williams


This is a really lovely collection of rich and evocative music. Bet Williams' voice shines and brings these songs to life with the solid background of John Hodian's varied and evocative piano work. There are a couple of songs I don't like quite as much, where the lyrics and melody lines become a little predictable ("Lockerbie" and "Long Gray Line"), but those are small niggles of taste in a remarkable collection that most ectophiles will adore. The album is melodic and pretty and Bet's voice is amazing, which will catch all lovers of strong female vocals, and the songs and sounds are put together in ways that will interest those who prefer less traditional pop. (Neile)

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