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Swivel Hips

Country of origin:


Type of music generally:

Rock with jazz and blues touches


Most recent release, swivelicious (2000)

See also:

Swivel Hips' website


Ani Difranco, Two Nice Girls

Covers/own material:


General comments:

Swivel Hips music is funky and fun. (

Recommended first album:

swivelicious is the first we've heard


swivelicious (2000)


Release info:



See website for availability

Ecto priority:


Group members:

Dawn Lozefski—lead vocals, guitar, electric guitar
Lori Edwards—lead vocals, acoustic guitar, sax, backing vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar
Deborah Simmons—keyboards, spoken word, backing vocals, bass guitar
Deb Piccolo—drums, bongos, tambourine, percussion, timbales, cowbell

Guest artists:

Breck MacNab—bass, percussion, congos, shaker, guiro, vibrslapbacking vocals
Jim Chapdelaine—crazy, distorted lead guitar, acoustic lead guitar, mandolin

Produced by:

Jim Chapdelaine and Swivel Hips


This is a life-affirming and upbeat record. Swivel Hips play great party music. Singer Dawn Lozefski has a good voice and the band are well synchronised.
     "Hottie" is fun and "Goddess" is a good song to play when you're mad at someone.
     All in all it's a record that deserves investigating. (

Further info:

Write Swivel Hips, c/o Deb Piccolo, P.O. Box 2126, New Britain, CT 06050-2126. Email swivelhips @ juno . com

Thanks to Anna Maria Stjärnell for work on this entry.

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